How it all started

Mom and Baby Juanita

Here is a kind of chronological order of the symptoms I had as I had them, as I figure this will be the easiest way for you to see if your own situation relates to mine.


– Have had “tummy troubles” since I was a kid. Was fed a largely processed diet of easy quick foods like chicken nuggets, corn dogs, etc., and a lot of sugary foods: white flour, sugary breakfast cereals.

– Watched mom suffer panic attacks and also started having panic attacks myself.

Mom and mom’s dad had stomach ulcers, and therefore, most likely, h. pylori. Possibly acquired h. pylori from mom and candida overgrew from feeding on the sugary white flour-based diet, as well as the anxiety (fear acts like sugar in the body and candida feeds on sugar).

–  Anxiety attacks became worse. Phobias intensified. Was on Paxil for 3 years until it had to continually be increased in dosage in order to be effective. I decided to get off it, because I started experiencing night sweats and loss of emotion/sensation.

– In my late teens, I developed a symptom where when I ate a single bite of food I would feel full like I couldn’t take another bite or it would make me sick.

– would be constipated for several days in a row.

– Started taking cleansing products (Colonix brand) and starting having colon hydrotherapy. This only helped somewhat. (I recommend if you go have a colonic, that you do it in conjunction with taking a colon cleansing product like Colonix, or to be on a cleansing diet leading up to it. Otherwise the colonic on it’s own may not do much.)

– Was finally diagnosed by stool test as gluten intolerant.

– Went on a carefully watched, strict gluten free diet and was able to eat again. Symptoms improved within just two weeks.

– Started suffering other stomach problems. Was diagnosed by muscle testing (Applied Kinesiology) as having some kind of bacterial infection.

– took a round of several bottles of homeopathic remedies. Saw no improvement. Went to another chiropractor-kinesiologist and was muscle tested and found to have a bacterial infection. Second person to say that. Took a product called Berbercap with Berberine and it seemed to improve my gut symptoms for a while. Was told to eliminate sugar from diet.

– started suspecting that I had candida from all the research I did, but never adhered to a strict anti-candida diet because it just seemed too difficult.

-After 3 years of going gluten-free, I came across a technique called NAET which claimed to treat food allergies. Started NAET and after several treatments was able to eat gluten again without the symptoms I had before. My overall immune system also improved. Stopped losing so much hair and odors didn’t bother me as much. Overall felt a positive difference. Was eating gluten again (note: introducing gluten into my diet again was only temporary. I adhere to a gluten free diet still today.)

– Also started on a vegetarian diet for about a year, which basically means a high-carb diet which candida feeds on: heavy on grains, beans, soy, fruit, veggies, and cheese. All healthy foods in and of themselves, but still, high carb, lower protein and lower fat.

– Started having hypoglycemia and increased anxiety along with it. Started feeling like I had to eat every 2 or 3 hours or would feel ill.

– Started waking up in the night around 3am-5am every single night feeling hungry and hypoglycemic. Had to eat or couldn’t go back to sleep. Would eat oatmeal (carbs) as my middle of the night snack.

– The waking up in the night continued for over a year. (To this day that has not stopped.) Could not sleep even on Clonazepam or other sleep inducing medication.

– Started having nausea at night. This would begin around 3pm sometimes, sometimes 5pm. And just got worse. Had bad anxiety attacks and nausea all night long.

– Went to the ER and was given Ativan and an antacid (even though I never experienced “acid stomach”, only nausea). Started taking Ativan and quickly became dependent. While on Ativan I experienced the most intense anxiety attacks ever, as Ativan isn’t meant to be taken for multiple days in a row. It has a very short half-life, and can stop being effective after just 7 days. Withdrawals can be experienced after a short period of time. The increased anxiety was from the withdrawals. I was able to taper off it by switching to Clonazepam. Clonazepam has a longer half-life.

Chronic nausea continued and I suffered a great deal over it. Finally was given a prescription called Promethazine (Phenergan) and it gave me much needed relief. Not a cure, but a comfort. Temporarily. (Looking back, I see now that the chronic nausea was likely related to benzodiazepine withdrawal syndrome in addition to whatever h.pylori or candida infections I had).

– Was diagnosed by blood test in Aug ’08  as having a systemic candida infection. My suspicions were confirmed. (However, this same blood test showed negative for h.pylori antibodies.  Later learned that the blood test for h.pylori isn’t the most accurate way of testing it. Turned out I just didn’t have the antibodies…) Started following an anti-candida diet as closely as I could, which included eating meat again, raising my amount of good fats, good organic eggs, and veggies. (Will post on anti-candida diet later). This helped, and gave me some better days and nights for a while.

– Still had nausea off and on, and still not able to sleep a full night.

– In June ’09 (almost a year later of having chronic nausea) by stool test (Metametrix DNA based) I was diagnosed as having a high amount of H.pylori. Bullseye. This explained the “morning sickness,” a common symptom of h.pylori. (This also confirmed that the findings from previous muscle testings–Applied Kinesiology, were correct). The anti-candida diet alone was not going to take care of the h.pylori problem, though I’m sure it was better than continuing the high carb (sugary) vegetarian diet, which only fed candida and bacteria. And after a year of the anti-candida diet, it didn’t make sense to me that I was still so ill. The h.pylori was the ticker.

– Started a natural antibiotic regimen. Check my “What Worked” Post for that.


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  1. mattboulter says:

    Unbelievable. It is so cool that you have (finally!?) documented all this. I read it with fascination & deep interest.

  2. gene reiley says:

    i am actually in austin as well. i was wondering if you could recomend some people to work with and where to get testing done? Have you recovered from our illness? Was your practitioners technique effective? Has your anxiety gone? This is the worst symptom for me. hope your better

  3. shakeel ahmed says:


    i am suffering form H pylori desies last one year can you help me when i treatment himself my H pylori posative 64

    1. Andreo says:

      Hi dear Ahmed,

      I had H.pylori and parasite and what helped me the most was traveler shield, this product is really amazing.

      here a link:

      Good luck

  4. audrey says:

    I suffered from a growing and swollen stomach for the past 4 months. After many doctors, went to a gastro doctor who did blood work, mri, and EDG scope where they put you out. He took 3 biopsies and all tested possitive for h-pylori. After 2 weeks of 2 antibiotics and a stomach pill, my stomach went down half way and became full again when I stopped the meds. I called the nurse and believe it or not the doctor called me. He said we killed the infection but not the overgrowth of bacteria. He told me to pick up samples of a meds called xifaxan and told me I could not afford it as the 6 day dosage would be $1,200 and insurance would not approve. I asked how long when I would see a difference in my stomach and was told in 3 days. He was right and today is my 5th day of taking it. I had side effects in 2 days so read which I should of done earlier the insert and on the internet. I had dizziness, more fatique, depression increased, and a few more. However, I will finish the 6 days and know finally this is over. I advise all to go to a gastro doctor as this is a serious disease and research it. It will not go away by itself and poisons the whole body and I could not eat well. Like a person said above, one bite of food and you feel full but you are hungry. I hope and pray this helps people out there and feel free to contact me about more information on H-pylor as their is much more medical information and knowledge that is too long to put here.
    Take Care, audrey
    I would like to hear personally from others

  5. john goodmane says:

    have you ever had your thyroid checked? just a suggestion

    1. citizen1ita says:

      I have. And supposedly it’s “within normal range.” Although my symptoms sound like hyperthyroid, my thyroid has actually tested a little low once. But last time I checked, it was “normal.”

  6. Ladytron* says:

    Hi all, i suffered similar symptoms 6 years ago until my doctor found out i have chronic gastritis and h. pylori. I was being treated with the standard triple therapy for 7 days. After 7 seven days the doctor had prescribed me with another anti acid drugs. Through constant research about these illnesses i have learned that taking anti acid drugs is a bad idea if you have h. pylori because it will worsen your symptoms over time. I google search every possible remedy on how to beat this nasty bug inside my stomach and i have read so many testimonies about the symptoms and cure.
    But i only follow the ones who uses natural and herbal products to get rid of these nasty bugs forever because prolong intake of antibiotics will have bad side effects on your body. To cut it short, i’m only using the natural herbal remedy that i could find on our local health shop, and that is, turmeric capsules, garlic capsules, vco, oregano oil which is very potent to kill h. pylori and candida. I also take mega dose of vitamin C, along with vitamin E, and B complex daily. I drink psyllium fiber every morning before breakfast to get rid of toxins and improve my constipation problem. I also take prebiotic daily to replenished good bacteria that were eliminated during medication.
    After one month of medication i feel good, my skin rashes are gone as well as the other symptoms i.e. sinusitis, migraine, etc. but i still feel bloated sometimes maybe because i still have gastritis. But i do believe that continuing these natural medication process will lead to a total recovery. Thanks to the wonders of nature and the hand of God that made them available for all human beings to cure illnesses. I still continue to take this natural herbal for several months or until i feel more better and get cured.

    IMPORTANT: DO NOT TAKE PROTON PUMP INHIBITOR OFTEN or any anti acid drugs if you have H. PYLORI because it will worsen the symptoms based on my experienced. H. pylori thrives on an alkaline environment not on acidic stomach because they are able to produce an enzyme to protect themselves from hydrochloric acid in the stomach and burrow themselves deeper in the stomach lining which can cause damage and leads to ulcers and stomach cancer.

  7. Andreo says:

    Hi dear Juanita,

    Thank you very much for you site and God bless you. I wonder if you have an idea about Traveler shield? It is the only product who has some fiew and rare natural herbs like hermala seeds and Asofetuda.

    Here more information about it:

    What are your thoughts dear Juanita about it?


  8. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. I truly appreciate
    your efforts and I am waiting for your further write ups thank you once again.

  9. Spot on with this write-up, I honestly believe this web site needs much more
    attention. I’ll probably be back again to see more, thanks for the advice!

  10. JC in NC says:

    Xifaxan has been a godsend for me. I suffered for years, with weeks in the hospital and a period where they thought I might die. Horrific symptoms, mostly intense pain and violent nausea. I dropped dangerously low in weight. Had peptic ulcer disease when I was younger, and had been on PPIs for almost 20 years. After years of doctors trying to find a new ulcer, finally went to MUSC where they figured it out. Google SIBO. Xifaxan fixes it. Have had multiple recurrences, but each time a course of xifaxan rights things.

  11. JC in NC says:

    Oh, and I had the fun side effect of avascular necrosis that killed my right hip joint from all the GI problems. Got a new hip 4 months ago and am not looking back. Hopefully it won’t involve more joints. This stuff will kill you if you don’t get in front of it

  12. Samer Mohamad says:

    Hey there Juanita, your post was very informative and I really appriate the time you took to discuss everything you’ve been through. I have a younger brother who’s only 22 and been dealing with many symptoms of h pylori and candida. He actually tested positive for h pylori and he’s about to finish his first two weeks of antibiotics. He’s also taking a PPI and a probiotic along with the two antiobiotics prescribed. He’s been eating grilled chicken and broccoli for the past 3 weeks or so. He seems to have his good and bad days now but it’s really obvious he’s not doing too well. He’s planning to get tested for candida here in the next few days. If he tests positive for candida what would you recommend to be his next steps? It really sucks seeing him the way he is now and I’d really appreciate any help you have to offer. He’s not having many of the anxiety symptoms you were experiencing. When he feels bad he says he just feels weak and tired. Lightheadedness comes and goes. If text is better for you that’d be great. I noticed you’re from the Dallas area and so are we. Thanks for taking the time to read this!

    Samer – 817 713 2499

    1. citizen1ita says:


      Thank you for the comment. I’m sorry to hear your brother is sick. Everything that I tried I’ve listed on this blog. My post titled “What Worked” lists the supplements I took that gave me relief. If he tests positive for Candida, the common recommended treatment is an antifungal diet, along with natural antifungal herbs, etc. I’ve listed a lot on this blog. I hope you find something that helps. I recently tested positive for Candida again, and am trying something new now, so if he tests positive for Candida, get in touch with me again and I can let you know if what I’m doing now is working.

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