A Gluten Free Diet Helped Heal My Gut


In 2005 or so, I was diagnosed by stool test as positive for gluten intolerance. The symptoms I had at the time were sensations of early fullness when eating, constipation, anxiety, and overall poor health. I went on a gluten free diet, which improved my symptoms almost immediately, I would say within two weeks. I was gluten free for 3 years until I came across an alternative energy-based treatment for allergies called NAET. I’ve talked about NAET in a previous post.  After several treatments for a wide array of allergens, I was re-tested by muscle testing (Applied Kinesiology) and found to be free of the gluten intolerance. I started eating gluten again, and was free of the symptoms I had in the past.

I started eating gluten again for a few years, and then had an endoscopy for some other stomach problems I’d been having (nausea perhaps due to benzo withdrawal syndrome). They took a biopsy (tissue sample) and tested for Celiac and H.pylori. They both came back negative.  So to recap: in 2005, a stool test showed positive for gluten intolerance, and in 2009, I had a biopsy that was negative for Celiac and gluten intolerance.

I believe what these tests showed was that going off of gluten for 3 years, and having NAET treatments, helped heal my gut of the inflammation and sensitivity to gluten. However, introducing gluten back into my diet may not have been the best thing for me back then, and today I still adhere to a gluten free diet. Let’s keep the gut healed and not regress. More updates to come.



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  1. mattboulter says:

    Juanita, your blog is awesome. I am so glad that you are writing about the manifold experiences you have had in battling these many afflictions! You (Christ in you) are stronger than they are!

    Deep Peace,


    1. citizen1ita says:

      Thanks, Matt! This means a lot coming from such an esteemed blogger as yourself! You reminded me that I have a blog. I ought to post something current…

  2. I was really glad to find this blog. I know personally a couple of people who were not officially diagnosed with Celiac Disease, but knew they had it. Neither wanted to undergo the biopsy. I was diagnosed with CD in May 2007 and have been aggressively gluten free since August after the biopsy. I am now Undergoing NAET treatments. I have slept better in the past 4 weeks than I have in years and the restless legs which I’ve had with increasing severity in the past few years is only a minor problem at this point. Most people who scoff at NAET have not tried it. At least that’s my perception after research of many weeks, before deciding to give it a go. I’m blogging my experience because there are so many who say NAET will NOT successfully treat Celiac I want a record of my experience regardless of the outcome. Already I feel better, but it still remains to be seen if this time next year I’ll be enjoying a sandwich from Carl’s Jr

    1. citizen1ita says:

      Lisa, it’s always very cool to hear NAET praise from people with personal experience with it. Thanks for sharing. I hope you continue to heal and feel better. I will definitely check out your blog. Would you mind if I put a link for it on mine?

  3. Hi Juanita,

    Thanks for the reply. Please do put a link–that would be great. I’ve heard so much negative, but mainly from people who haven’t tried NAET–they just decided it’s weird and left it at that. Frankly, it is out of the usual scope of treatment, but as far as I am concerned, it’s scientific, and also I believe it Biblical because the energy, vibrations in the universe, etc is in line with what we know about creation.

    I am really excited about this although I have adjusted relatively well to a GF lifestyle. To be well again after years of being sick was worth it. But, I’m all for feeling completely well.

    May I post a link to your blog on my favorites??? I’d like people who read my experience to know I’m not just lucky

    1. citizen1ita says:

      Ok, I’ll post a link for yours, and you can for mine! Thanks!

  4. Hi Juanita,

    I have the grain NAET treatment last week, and I’ve tried a bit of gluten in several forms.

    So far no major symptoms other than a burning feeling around my lips and in my gut. I don’t know if this is a gluten reaction or not.

    I’ve had a couple of VERY stressful weeks and wonderful if the burning in the gut is stress-related.

    When you first tried gluten again after NAET did you have any side affects?

    I can deal with what I have experienced, but worry about causing internal damage of which I am not aware until it’s too late. Any other information that would be helpful?

    1. Juanita says:


      For me, I think I might have had to treat for gluten a couple times (one treatment and one “booster” I believe) and I know I had to treat it along with some emotional treatments. At least one emotion and I can’t even remember which one though it most likely was anxiety, panic, or fear. It seemed like for a while I still had symptoms while eating the gluten because I was still afraid to eat it, even though I was muscle testing strong for it. Then on an appointment to treat something else my doctor re-tested me for gluten again and I was strong and he asked me if I’d been eating it and I had and I didn’t even realize I had been eating it and nothing was happening. So I was fine after that. It’s like it just took a little while for my brain and body to believe in it. Then one day it just clicked. So my advice is just to keep going. Maybe test it with emotions.

      It’s been a couple years, maybe three, since then and on my most recent endoscopy the doctor found no sign of Celiac. However, I think it’s still better for me if I eat gluten in moderation (as for most people probably) because of the effects on blood sugar and insulin. If I could do it, I would take grains out my diet completely and I’m sure my hormones would be better for it. But I can’t! I’m hoping to go back to my NAET guy again soon to have a check-up on the things I treated in the past just to be sure I’m still strong on everything. From what I’ve heard, it is possible to start reacting to something again during times of high stress on the body. I do have a vial kit and sometimes have my husband treat me, but I think I’d like to go back to my doctor soon. Having issues with blood sugar and insulin that I’m wondering if are connected to an allergy…


  5. Juanita,

    Thanks for your reply. I too wonder if I’m “doing a number on my head.” It’s so hard to know.

    According to my practitioner, NAET should need no follow ups, but there may be other things come to light that will need to be addressed.

    I am pretty sure I will need another grain treatment tomorrow which is really not a big deal. There were two treatments previously (of the basic 15) I didn’t get a strong clear the first time.

    How did you deal with knowing you had no external symptoms yet we all know there may be no external symptoms while internally damage is occurring? I suppose that is my biggest concern, but I do not relish the idea of another biopsy. I’ve had 3 in the past 3 years which is 3 more than I’d have chosen.

    Any other tips, ideas, information you have that would help me through this would be much appreciated.
    Thanks again!

  6. maggi says:

    i was diagnosed with coeliac disease over thirty five years ago, and kept to a gluten free diet. i went through a naet programme about five years ago, and found i was able to eat gluten with no side effects – nausea, headaches and bloating. i did, however, go for regular ‘top-ups’ when i felt it was necessary. a year ago, i was recommended by my m.d to see a gastroenterologist, and they took a biopsy of my small intestine, and it was confirmed i am still coeliac, and my small intestine was compromised. however, i am returning again to the naet program, as i feel very strongly it helped me. as i am planning to travel to europe for a couple of months, i need to be able basically keep to a gluten free diet, but
    not want to get nuerotic about eating gluten, and do not want to spend three days being sick if i inadvertently eat gluten. anything that helps my immune system can only be positive. as coeliac disease is a physical problem, the gluten kills off the villae in the small intestine, logically, naet won’t work, but i think in my situation, it did work for a couple of years, and i am definitely willing to give it another try.

  7. stephanie says:

    Hi Juanita
    how are you doing with your gluten intolerance? just checking in after following your blog, but it has been a long times since you wrote. Also- what do you think is the difference between bioset and naet that it doesn’t take the 25 hour avoidance? is it the points they use after the treatment or the order of the vials? or something else? and also with allergy antidotes do you need to do the avoidance?
    thanks in advance

    1. citizen1ita says:

      Dear Stephanie,

      Those are all good questions 🙂 The last time I had a biopsy it showed negative for celiac, which is a gluten intolerance, however, it does NOT mean that I don’t have some amount of reaction to gluten. Most of us do, apparently. At this time I don’t know for sure if I’m reacting to gluten. If I am, it’s not in the same way as before (several years ago when it made me feel full just to eat one or two bites of food and also caused constipation, nausea…) I’m about to have my first blood draw food allergy test and we’ll see what that says. I’ve only ever had stool and muscle response testing for food allergies, (and that biopsy) which are more accurate than the blood test according to some alternative-type doctors. But I’m at the point where I want the blood test now. That’s being done maybe next week and I can let you know what the gluten result is. In all honesty, it’s probably better for me to be off gluten and most grains for the fact that they’re hard on the gut and can cause “leaky gut syndrome”- a perforation in the intestinal lining which makes nutrients leak out into the blood stream and cause food reactions. It also results in malnutrition. Gluten and grain, in my own situation, are probably still not good since I am not currently absorbing a lot of nutrients and I’m having some sort of blood sugar/insulin resistance issues. So, while I do eat gluten sometimes, I only eat sprouted wheat berry bread which is easier to digest and it doesn’t seem to cause immediate problems…

      I have had both NAET and BioSET. The BioSET person I went to used both methods but preferred BioSET because you don’t have to do the avoidance. The way BioSET is different is that somehow (I can’t really explain it) they have meridian vials that they treat at the same time as the allergen vial when they treat you. So they test which meridians are being affected by the allergen and they treat you for those meridian vials. So while NAET treats all meridians because you’re allowing them to be cleared over the 24 hr period (2 hours for each of the 12 meridians), with BioSET, the meridians are being “cleared” right then and there so you don’t have to go through the avoidance. According to this practitioner, he felt BioSET also stuck better, while some NAET patients had to come in for “booster” treatments on things they had previously cleared. So this is what I do now: I use a sort of NAET/BioSET method at home. I bought a vial kit and a VHS video with instructions on how to do the treatments. You can also buy vial kits from Allergy Antidotes or just do a search for energy vial kits. Ergopathics has many and you can also order just one custom vial to add to the kit. I’ve used Ergopathics a few times. I have my husband muscle test me for things and treat me for whatever I’m weak to. And I do not do the avoidance. According to Dr. Ellen Cutler who created BioSET, you don’t have to do an avoidance, you just rub those meridian spots, so since I’m just doing it at home (and it’s free) I don’t do the avoidance and then I just re-check to see if it worked. It usually does. Sometimes my husband might have to re-treat me. (I’ll email you some tips.) If I were going to go to someone, I’d go back to the BioSET guy probably.

      1. Lindsay says:

        Hello! I was wondering if you could email the information (the tips that were mentioned in your post about treating at home) to me. My email address is burcklindsay { at } gmail { dot } com

      2. citizen1ita says:

        Lindsay, I recommend you print the post you’re referring to by going to File>Print on the top of your web browser. That would be the easiest way to have the tips printed. Thanks! Let me know if you have any trouble with that.

  8. Joe Bentley says:

    Go to http://www.celiacremission.com for a 20 year old documented resolution to celiac disease. There is no financial risk what-so-ever.

  9. Dre says:

    Hi! Your blog is insightful. I know it’s been a long time since you posted but I’m curious to know how you’re doing and any progress on adrenal fatigue and the hiatal hernia. What about h. Pylori and candida? Hope to hear from you.

    Thank you.

  10. Roxy1 says:

    If you have a hair analysis test done, they test for over 600 environmental toxins and food sensitivities as well as 80 mineral and vitamins for deficiencies. This way you know what you are allergic to instead of guessing.

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