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Here’s a quick rundown of the natural supplements I took that helped me eradicate the H.pylori. These are the product brands and names along with the dosages my doctor had me take*. The doctor who recommended this regimen to me was a chiropractor who specialized in “functional medicine,” nutrition, other energetic therapies, and used Applied Kinesiology.  If you find a good holistic chiropractor who also works with nutrition, they may carry these products. Call beforehand and find out. In fact, first ask if they have experience treating people with H. pylori. (This is not meant to be a recommended dosage for your own condition and you should seek the advice of your doctor.)

*Apex Energetics products are intended to be used by those who are under the care and supervision of a licensed health care professional.

Apex Energetics H-PLR (K-32) (is a natural antibiotic) 1-2 capsules 3X day with meals: Started with one, worked up to two.

(I couldn’t locate this product on the Apex Energetics website for some reason.)

Apex Energetics Gastro- ULC (contains Mastic Gum, known for killing h. pylori, and other herbs; this is supposed to help heal the gut). Took 2, 3 X day with each meal.

Biotics Research Corporation BioDoph-7 Plus (probiotic, to re-populate good bacteria) 2 capsules 3X day between meals.

Apex Energetics TerrainZyme HCL Prozyme (Hydrochloric acid and digestive enzyme) 1-2 with each meal.

In addition, I started taking Colloidal Silver per the recommendation of another chiropractor. I took a 10ppm colloidal silver, 2 tablespoons (1 ounce) 2X day for 16 days.  This doctor told me he uses the Apex Energetics line too, but had better and faster results with the silver for H. pylori. I feel like all of the above contributed to healing. The silver I took was made by a local person. Just make sure and get one that’s in an amber glass bottle. And if you purchase a 500ppm or higher, obviously you would not take as much.

So, like I said: I re-tested for h.pylori (waiting at least 1 month after treatment) with the urea breath test (one of the more accurate tests for H.pylori) and the result was NEGATIVE.


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  1. Ben says:

    Hi Juanita,

    I too have been suffering from lower GI problems, including IBD, and suspected H. Pylori / bacterial infection.

    I am on the Apex protocol (the gastro-ulc and h-plr along with terazyme) and have noticed an acute increase in stool elimination / GI symptoms upon taking them. In fact, I had to cut the dosage to an incredibly low amount (1 dosage of 1 pill each, once a day), and still notice discomfort when taking them.

    My question to you is, did you experience a worsening in symptoms at all when on this protocol? I was told I am likely experiencing a ‘die off’ period, where the bacteria / whatever else is exiting my system. I’m trying to decide if this is true, or if I am just very sensitive to the ingredients in these products.

    1. citizen1ita says:

      Ben, I was on that same protocol. All I can say is I was very sick and so once I started on the supplements it’s hard to say whether they made me much worse or not because I was already bad. I think they may have caused some die-off reaction but I was taking a prescription anti-nausea (Promethazine) and slippery elm powder every day to help with that anyway. So whatever die-off symptoms I was having were somewhat relieved or masked by taking those things. I do remember having to go off the Terrainzyme at one point because it seemed like it bothered me soon after taking it, but then I was able to go back on it after a while and was better. The Terrainzyme was needed but I guess my stomach was too sensitive for it at first. My doctor muscle tested me for all of these supplements prior to taking them and found them to all be agreeable or what my body needed. Were you muscle tested? Of course it is possible you’re sensitive to something in the product but it seems like muscle testing would rule that out. I’m also curious to know if you’re on any kind of diet, such as an anti-candida diet? For me, this reduced symptoms greatly. Bacteria and yeast feed on sugar, so cutting that out as much as possible really helps. Natural supplements can cause die off but I’m sure it’s not as bad as the side effects from some of those prescription drugs for H.pylori, from the reviews I’ve read. Oh yeah, I should mention I also started taking colloidal silver (per the recommendation of another doctor who preferred collodial silver over the Apex protocol. Though I continued with the Apex because my main doctor prescribed it and I was already using it.) during that time so it’s possible that helped kill the H.pylori faster in conjunction with the Apex. Hope you get relief SOON.

    2. emma says:

      yes I did experience the symptoms got worse but if I only ate liquids it helped. I was able to eat solids for almost a week. When the symptoms were less I started to add solids to my diet. I also took Colloidal silver in between the treatment for a bout one week.

  2. melih says:

    Hi Juanita,
    I have also h.pylori and candititis.A couple days ago I tried goldenrod and it removed my fatigue completely (I tried a lot of herbs).I want to know the chiropracter’s name advising collodial silver.

    1. citizen1ita says:

      Hi, good to hear Goldenrod is helping you. The chiropractor who advised colloidal silver said he used the same line of Apex Energetics for the H. pylori protocol but that he found he got faster, better results with the silver alone. He gets his from a local guy. The chiro is a Chiropractic Neurologist. His name is Dr. Roger Borbon of Pure Life Chiropractic Neurology in Austin, TX. I was never a patient of his and only spoke with him on the phone and purchased the colloidal silver from him. It was after I took it that I eventually got better. But I had also taken the Apex stuff so it could have been a combination of factors, including the avoidance of sugar, that worked for me.

  3. The University of Nuevo Leon, in Mexico has reported and determined that Colloidal Silver Nano Particles do in fact kill HIV-1.

    Conclusions From the Study:
    “Finally, we propose that the antiviral activity of silver nanoparticles results from their inhibition of the interaction between gp120 and the target cell membrane receptors. According to our results, this mode of antiviral action allows silver nanoparticles to inhibit HIV-1 infection regardless of viral tropism or resistance profile, to bind to gp120 in a manner that prevents CD4-dependent virion binding, fusion, and infectivity, and to block HIV-1 cell-free and cell-associated infection, acting as a virucidal agent. In conclusion, silver nanoparticles are effective virucides as they inactivate HIV particles in a short period of time, exerting their activity at an early stage of viral replication (entry or fusion) and at post-entry stages. The data presented here contribute to a new and still largely unexplored area; the use of nanomaterials against specific targets of viral particles.”


    Now that we know that colloidal silver works, we have to determine which type of product will perform the best results with the least amount of chemicals:
    1) Colloidal Silver Atoms
    2) Colloidal Silver Nano Particles

    The smaller the particles the more easily it can penetrate a virus and or bacteria.

    Nano Particles are composed of 59 atoms, it is fair to concluded that a single silver atom will be far more effective than a large 29 atom sized particle.

    The next thing to consider is which one is most ORGANIC. One is comprised of chemical compounds and substances the other has NO such elements.

    PPM is the next factor that will influence a particles impact on the HIV virus, or any other virus for that matter. 3000 PPM vs 8-20 PPM, 3000 PPM will perform better because the 3000 PPM Colloidal Silver product will bombard the viruses and bacteria’s, like a machine gun, quick and efficient.

    The three factors in choosing the best colloidal silver are:
    1. Particle Size: Atoms Sized Particles are more efficient and deadly to viruses

    2. Chemical Composition of the colloidal silver, if it has chemicals its bad for your body.

    3. PPM Content: The More PPM the more effective. 3000 PPM are like a Machine Gun bullets being shot at a target, while, while a single nano particle would simply bounce off the target.

    Colloidal silver rated at 3000 PPM will outperform any other nano particle products on the market. Anti Viral Anti Bacterial, Silver is known to kill viruses and deals with ring worm, and other diseases in humans as well as animals.

    Colloidal Gold, helps with arthritis, memory, prostate cancer, cervical cancer, and nerve damage, it is a powerful antioxidant.
    Colloidal Iridium Ruthenium: The product is called Reported to repair defective DNA, Anti aging, and the most concentrated antioxidants in the world. Reported to be effective in fighting cancer.
    Colloidal Gold, Iridium, Rhodium and Ruthenium, a powerful blend of the worlds best antioxidants,

    1. citizen1ita says:

      Thanks for the study form the Journal of Nanobiotechnology. As far as the recommendations on choosing which silver to buy, those recommendations DID NOT come from the Journal of Nanobiotechnology. I would like to see other websites or sources that say 3000ppm is the most effective and that prove or give evidence “that the higher the ppm the better”. It looks like you sell this 3000ppm silver? Do you have any scientific sources that prove this high amount is more effective and safe to take at that strength?

      1. Dear citizen1ita, Colloidal silver atoms is a new product on the market, however the fact that colloidal silver has been used for approximately 100 years (documented), then there are those other couple of thousands years ago, when alchemist eradicated the bubonic plague with silver salts. Colloidal silver has a very convincing history.

        We know that colloidal silver works, traditional colloidal silver does work, but it works very slow since the particles are approximately 59 atoms per particle.

        It only fair to conclude that a colloidal silver atom will work more effectively than a nano particle.

        Compare a nano particle to a basket ball hitting a person, then compare an atom as if were a BB pellet, the pellet would indeed penetrate the skin, the basket ball would bounce off.

  4. Jean says:

    Hi Melih,

    I wonder how did you take Goldenrod? It was a tea or in capsules? for how many time?

    Thanks a lot.

  5. Sebastian says:

    Hi Juanita 🙂

    How are u? Im glad that I found your Website and that the Natural Antibiotics worked for u.

    I was tested for H. Pylori Positive about 1 year ago. I never heard about it in my Life before.
    I came from Germany to the USA and it seems my Body is not used to the Bacterias in the
    Food here in the US.

    How I got H. Pylori: I went to an mexican Bakery, ate a Tres Leches and after 30 Minutes
    I had stomach pain and I felt like poisoned!
    Next day the same, but on the third day it was gone (the Symptoms)!
    On the 5th Day I got an Anxiety Attack that I couldn’t Breathe. On the Six Day to the Anxiety
    Attack came also a heavy Stomach Pain after I ate food and Vomit Feelings (but I never vomit till today) .
    It felt like Stones lying in my Stomach and I was very powerless and sleepy.

    So I went to the Doc and the Blood Test said right away: H. PYLORI POSITIVE!

    I got my first Triple Therapy for 28 days. I took it till the end.
    I did not work.
    After some weeks I took another Triple Therapy (different Antibiotics) for 14 days. It did not work.
    And then after a month or so again: Triple Therapy (different Antibiotics) for 14 days. It did not work.
    And then after 2 months again: Triple Therapy (different Antibiotics) for 14 days. It did not work.
    And then after 4 months again: Triple Therapy (different Antibiotics) for 14 days (Today is the last day).
    Seems like it did not work too, cuz I feel still the Symptoms.
    While I was doing the Treatments I felt after the 3rd day very healthy and with so much power!
    But on the 7th Day the Symptoms came back. This Case is applicable to every Antibiotic Cure that I took.
    In the Antibiotic Breaks I tried Natural Stuff like Mastic Gum for 2 Months, Herbal Teas for 1 Months, Licorice,
    Ginger Root Capsules, Olive Oil, Baking Powder, Apple Cider Vinegar, Milk Thistle Tablets, fresh Garlic,

    Maybe they worked a lil bit cuz:

    I do not have the following Symptoms anymore, which I had in the beginning:
    – No Stomach Pain at all and after Meals!

    Instead I have these Symptoms now:
    – feeling very tired after Meal
    – my Eyes are burning often and then I get sleepy
    – Throat Inflammation in the evenings
    – my Stools are orange brown, loosely and I can see undigested food in it
    – light headaches
    – Moods swings (often I feel tetchy everyday)
    – Body Weakness and a feeling like poisoned
    – sometimes Depression (feeling emptiness)
    – everyday my back feels like sometimes bugs crawl over it
    – Hands and Face feels dry
    – sometimes Brain Fog and an Unreal Feeling
    – sometimes Anxiety Attacks cuz of Short Breathe
    – mostly in the mornings I feel still tired even if I slept 10 hours
    – and the worst is: That Im feeling like I have a Flu or a Cold and thats every night since 2 Months!

    My Question is: Does some of the Symptoms above are related to Candida or is it just H. Pylori like my Doc said?
    Hope u can help me in that Case.

    I will try your CS Therapy for 14 days. I read in the Internet only good Stuff about it 🙂

    Well, thank u very much for your time and I hope to hear from u soon Juanita!

    Take care!


    1. citizen1ita says:


      With so many prescription antibiotic treatments I can only presume you have a candida infection. Did you ever take probiotics? The good healthy friendly bacteria? Those good bacteria are killed along with the bad bacteria when you take antibiotics (even natural ones though maybe less so than with prescriptions) and create an environment for candida to grow. A lot of your symptoms sound like candida, which I’ve had before and may have again. We always have candida, the problem is when it grows out of hand- usually due to stress, imbalance of good bacteria, antibiotic use, and overconsumption of sugars in the diet which feed candida. The best way to kill off candida is with an anti-candida diet- no sugar, no fruit, no dairy except butter, no grains (as best as you can, especially no gluten grains), high good protein and high good fat along with lots of veggies. You can also take natural supplements like oregano oil or the same supplements I took to kill off the h.pylori. And you must take good probiotics. Unfortunately, I’ve been having some of these symptoms lately myself (what I would call feelings of hypoglycemia even though my blood sugar tests normal- sudden feelings of being out of breath, weakness, feeling disoriented, disoriented speech, nausea, anxiety attacks that occur after just slight strenuous activity. Just shopping for an hour at a quick pace brought it on yesterday, and I can’t lift weights for more than 10 min without feeling sick) usually for me, eating protein and fat- such as an avacado helps these symptoms. One doctor believes I’m insulin resistant though I haven’t been able to have the test done to prove it. ) this all may be due to having some added life stresses in my life recently, but I’ve also not been very good at keeping my grains low and probably need to go back on a strict anti-candida diet again myself. Hmm, you may want to have a blood test for candida, a stool test, and maybe a test to check for insulin resistance or adrenal fatigue. These are all things I’m dealing with now. Having had h.pylori just makes your gut more susceptible to these problems because of the damage that has been done. And especially the lack of good bacteria. Sorry you have been suffering so long, I do hope you get some relief soon.


      1. Sita says:

        The Apex brand you mentioned makes a product called G.I. Symmetry. It is a big jar full of individual packets. Each packet contains two capsules of three of their parasite formulas–one for yeast, one for bacteria and one for…actually I’m not sure what the third one is for. But in any case, if you have possibly Candida and H. Pylori, that could be a good way to go. I’ve been using their products for a few months to address parasites and autoimmunity issues and I’m feeling so much better! My thyroid regulation is much better and I am no longer chemically sensitive.

        I have a six year old son who is battling many of these same issues you two discuss. We know he has celiac which has led to poor absorption which in turn has led to problems with heavy metal toxicity (poor absorption of nutrients leaves one without all the necessary ingredients needed to chelate). He seems to have Candida off and on (although we’ve never had a test confirm it). He has a very high H. Pylori count (using the dna culture test). He is mainly impacted in terms of behavior and mental health. Hair mineral analysis testing indicates problems with metabolism of sugars (oh yeah, and he can’t tolerate ANY sugars at all, not even a little bit of fruit) as well as exhausted adrenals.

      2. citizen1ita says:


        I had not heard of the GI Symmetry. I’ll have to look at that. Is it safe for children? Can your son take it? I wonder if he could take colloidal silver? Colloidal silver was recommended to me by a few doctors I had seen, and one of them gives it to her children when they are sick. I would ask a doctor about the child dosage before trying. It was always one of the easiest things for me to take. Tastes like water and I never felt bad after taking it. The relationship between the gut issues and the adrenal fatigue is so true. It’s hard to know for sure which came first- the adrenal fatigue or the gut issues. I have read that adrenal fatigue can leave you more susceptible to allergies and infections. It makes sense. If your body can no longer balance out the stress, it weakens your ability to fight. I’m still struggling with the adrenal fatigue myself. Years of chronic illness and severe panic attacks may have stressed my adrenals out, just a bit 😉 But because of the adrenal fatigue, I have all of these other symptoms and still have to keep my gut in check and especially keep my sugar intake low or 0. Like your son, even an apple puts me out! I hope you guys are feeling better. I’m trying adrenal glandular supplements and adrenal herbals at the moment…

    2. oc sadge says:

      Hi Sebastian,
      sorry to hear about your h pylori, so terrible. I myself have it, and in the beginning and over a couple of years my symptoms escalated in frequency and gravity: migraines, back pain, indigestion, constipation, gas/bloating, fatigue, foggy brain, nausea, and vomiting. And I was perfectly fine before the infection.

      Then I did a LIVER CLEANSE, and BINGO, my symptoms instantly were relieved. You see, the h pylori infection deeply affects your whole digestive system (as well as your immune system since the immune system is rooted in the gut). This caused my liver and gallbladder to get congested due to improper digestion and they both were not working well which of course caused all the terrible symptoms. When digestion is compromised many toxins stay in your body causing a lot of havoc. So over 18 months, I did a liver cleanse about 1x per month they saved my life. My symptoms really abated, and even though still have h pylori, I feel 99% better due to the liver cleanses.

      So, I highly recommend starting a series of LIVER CLEANSES and doing COFFEE ENEMAS. But first, you must do a COLON CLEANSE because it’s the path of exit for all the other cleanses you should do after, like liver, kidney, etc. So your colon must be as clean as possible. You should also avoid sugar, dairy, flour, processed food, and eat as organic as possible.

      There is a recipe for the liver cleanse on CUREZONE.ORG. I also highly recommend the book, THE GREEN BODY CLEANSE by Dr. Edward Group, III. He knows his stuff. Excellent resource for cleansing your body and environment.

      I’m thinking of trying the Gastro ULC and H PLR from Apex for my h pylori. My neuro chiropractor also carries this brand so I’ll buy from him. I just hope it works.

      All in all, the posts in this thread are very helpful. Your journey to good health will not be overnight but you have to stick to it and I virtually guarantee, on your first liver cleanse, you’ll feel a lot better (just as I did). This gave me the encouragement to continue and I’m so much better for it.

      Good luck!

  6. Sebastian says:

    Hi Juanita 🙂

    Its me Sebastian, the Guy with H.Pylori and Candida Overgrowth.
    How are u doing and how is your Health?
    Since with all the Symptoms that I described u Moths ago, I said to myself I
    had to do an Endoscopy to find out the Root of my Problems, cuz I felt so
    sick the last moths. It was like dying! So I had yesterday an Endoscopy
    (without Anesthesia)
    and can tell u, this was not painful but very uncomfortable 🙂
    The Results: No H. Pylori, no Candida Overgrowth, but: ACID REFLUX aka HEART
    BURN! I was so HAPPY!
    The Doctor said all the Symptoms that I have were caused by that Acid
    He prescribed me NEXIUM (ESOMEPRAZOLE MAGNESIUM 40MG). I have to take 1 pill
    everyday for 30 days.
    I took the first pill today and additionally I bought me some Flaxseeds,
    which Im eating raw.
    And I can tell u this: Im feeling so much better! And I could not believe
    before, that all the Symptoms I had where caused just by that
    Heart Burn, which I did not even feel at all in my Stomach.
    I hope I could help you with this Information. If u did not have an
    Endoscopy, I would advise you to do one, cuz the Doctors can see right away
    whats wrong with u regarding Stomach. And do the Endoscopy WITH

    1. citizen1ita says:


      That is great you found some relief! However, if you were diagnosed with H.Pylori and treated it with all the supplements you took, (colloidal silver, etc.) then retested (with the endoscopy) and found there was no more H.pylori or candida, wouldn’t you assume that the treatments you used worked? I would. If it was just acid reflux all along you wouldn’t have been tested positive for H.pylori. Either way, glad it’s gone. As far as acid reflux goes, the funny thing about that is you can have acid reflux from an acid imbalance- either too much or too little acid. Have you ever tried taking Hydrochloric Acid supplements? Or HCL. If the acid reflux is caused by not enough acid, the HCL might work. If you’re curious to try, you’d would start out with one capsule and see how you feel. If it causes acidity, then you don’t need to take them. It means you have enough stomach acid. But if you don’t feel anything, you would take another capsule, and if you don’t feel anything, you probably have LOW stomach acid which can cause the acid reflux and supplementing with HCL would probably be a good thing. The thing about taking acid blockers, is they are lowering your stomach acid which you actually need for proper digestion of food in order to keep bacteria,parasites, and yeast from growing. They can cause more damage in the long run. (Disclaimer: Still, I am not a medical doctor, and can only share information from personal experience and all that I have researched over the past several years.)

    2. emma says:

      first of all, nexium has many side affects and why would you want to have such an invasive procedure to be told you have acid reflex? Did you ask your doctor about digestive enzymes?

  7. Sebastian says:

    Yes, it worked 🙂 Since my before last Post here I did not take any Medication and before the before last Post I took my last Triple Treatment (Antibiotics-It was my 6th or 7th Treatment). It seems like that last Treatment worked but the Blood Test 1 month after that Antibiotic Treatment showed a false Result (H. Pylori Positive) and Im happy that the Endoscopy is 100% accurate and showed H. Pylori is Negative 🙂
    Thanx for the Tip regarding HCL. Im gonna try it 🙂 But before that I try Slippery Elm and fresh Ginger. I heard very good things about them.

  8. Sita says:

    @Citizen1ita Yes the GI symmetry is safe for kids. My boy (who just turned 7) does better when he gets it twice a day. They changed their formula. Now it’s packaged in packets of 3 capsules each–one of each of the formulas. And it doesn’t taste (and repeat) as bad–more thyme than garlic. We just did an 8 day course of diflucan for him–bad move. While diflucan has always been powerful against the h. pylori in pulses, it had negative effect in a big bombardment. I’ve read some accounts that suggest a heavy assault may cause h. pylori to thicken its biofilm. I wonder if the diflucan kills off probiotics as well, making more room for the h. pylori. Anyone have any thoughts/experience with this?

    1. citizen1ita says:


      Unfortunately, yes, antibiotics kill the good bacteria too, which is why doctors usually tell you to take probiotics after a round of antibiotics. I don’t know for sure about Diflucan, I assume it’s an antibiotic or antifungal. But even when I take natural antibiotic herbs or supplements, like oregano oil or garlic, I still make sure to take extra probiotics afterwards. Probably a few hours apart or so. Maybe take the antibiotic early in the day and the probiotic at night or something like that.

    2. Mare says:

      Sita, I couldn’t find GI ‘Symmetry’ but DID find one Apex called ‘GI Synergy’ though – it too has 3 products in it in packet form so could you maybe just have made a spelling error?
      The 3 products which Apex’s GI Synergy contains are:
      ~ Apex Energetics:H-PLR which supports the immune system;
      ~ Apex Energetics:Yeastonil to fight yeast & fungal overgrowth; and ~ Apex Energetics:Parastonil to fight parasites
      Could this be the product you really meant?
      Thank you for clarifying.

  9. knowlyme says:

    I am so glad to find your website, as I make colloidal silver for my Lyme disease. The high doses of antibiotics I took the first 2.5 months after diagnosis made me feel terrible, worse than the Lyme itself! Severe stomach pain, like a hot coal was sitting in it, abdominal bloating and cramping, loss of appetite, etc… Now, I am following Nancy Delise’s MS protocol, oral only, and it is working- and this is after being undiagnosed and very ill for 20 years. Thanks for sharing your story and what worked. I do this also on my blog, KnowLyme, http://www.knowlyme.com. Great to know just one other thing that CS is good for! So many things, and such a blessing to find for me, since conventional treatments encouraged Candida overgrowth and immune system imbalance. My stomach and intestines feel great, now. thanks to CS. In health and wellness, Shelley

    1. citizen1ita says:

      Wow, thanks for your comment and for sharing your blog on Lymes. I have been told I “may” have Lymes, so I am going to check out your blog ASAP. Is there information on Nancy Delise’s MS protocol on there? Yes, I continue to take colloidal silver when I feel like I need to. What strength do you use?

  10. De says:

    Hi there. I have come across your blog several times. This year my Functional Chiro ordered some tests for my fatigue, massive constipation, gas, brain fog, dry skin and hair loss. He informed me I had a massive H Pylori infection the max on the scale was 1 Mill and I was at 6 mill. 6 times over the max. Anyhow. I have been on H PLR, GI Synergy and Terrainzyme for about 6 weeks. The past week I had a relapse though. My cycle came and I was so tired and constipated. Just horrible. I guess what my question is… Does this Apex stuff really work and how long? I am getting frustrated and tired of feeling tired or foggy. I have not seen GI doc and I wonder if I should?

    1. citizen1ita says:


      I really do believe the Apex contributed greatly to healing my H.pylori infection. However, I was on it for a couple of months, maybe three, and then I introduced Colloidal Silver (10ppm 2 tsp twice a day- a good homemade bottle I purchased from a chiropractor with clear as water colloidal silver) and that’s when I really started getting better. I was also on an anti-candida diet, meaning no sugar, gluten free, hardly any grains (except for rice and oatmeal when I felt sick and needed the comfort) which I think also contributed because I wasn’t feeding the infection lots of sugar…on top of that, taking about 3-4 grams Vit C a day, doing enemas with an enema bag- (http://www.healingnaturallybybee.com/articles/enema1.php) and drinking clove tea and slurping down slippery elm powder mixed with water for nausea and to help heal the GI tract. So I was doing a lot. It is hard to know which thing worked, at times the clove tea comforted my tummy AND helped me sleep and other times slippery elm soothed…BUT it wasn’t til I started the Colloidal Silver that I really started seeing the greatest change. I do believe the Apex stuff worked too, and I still take it sometimes when I worry something might be coming back or I might be catching something else. Hope this helps. I’m actually getting ready to purchase a colloidal silver generator myself, because I want to start making my own from home. I no longer have H.pylori, as was confirmed again by a urea breath test I just had a couple of weeks ago, but I’m having other symptoms which my chiropractor now thinks could be Lyme Disease. Again, the colloidal silver has helped many with their Lyme disease which is another reason to buy the generator. I recommend a movie called “Under Our Skin” which is on Netflix instant play, or visit underourskin.com


  11. Jung says:

    Hi Juanita!

    I was researching H. Pylori information since I have very high levels as determined by a stool test. I’ve already ordered the “standard” H. Pylori herbs but was interested by your recommendation of colloidal silver.

    I’m somewhat familiar with CS but not an expert. Did you take it at the same time as your other supplements? (On an empty stomach?)

    There are SO many different brands of CS and I don’t know which ones to trust. You said you bought yours from a local person. Do you know if they have it available for sale?


    1. citizen1ita says:


      I did take the CS in addition to everything else. I did 2 TBS once in the morning, once at night. Probably in between meals. And if you take probiotics, you would want to take those at least a couple hours away from the antibiotic stuff. I purchased mine from a chiropractor in Austin who purchased it from someone he knew who made it locally. Here is the link. It was much less expensive than anything I found in the store and once I finished the bottle was when I started noticing an improvement. I used the 16oz bottle for $30. Now I make my own silver with a generator I purchased online. Now it’s much cheaper to take! I take it now for other issues, if I ever get sick, etc. Here is the one I bought, but there are other websites that sell them too.


      1. Jung says:


  12. andre chang says:

    I’m currently sick. As of date I’m dealing with several illnesses: chronic dizziness (like I’m in a constantly floating in a boat feeling) , spinning dizziness ,falling and sinking type of feeling, brain fog, migraines, anxiety disorder, panic attacks, depression, gastrointestinal problems( gurgling, acid reflux, food sensitivities), allergic rhinitis , post nasal drip, body weakness, loss of appetite(recently) .

    Why i think i have candida? Well for the longest time I had gastro intestinal problems, allergic rhinitis and migraines.
    The anxiety and the dizziness that happened To me recently seeemd it’s caused by something else and not psychological in nature. It’s hard bec no one believes in this theory of mine.

    Here’s a chronological summary of my illnesses:
    Taking rivotril (clonazepam-anti anxiety); zescita (escitalopram-anti depressant)
    May 2014 – dizziness intensified. I couldn’t tolerate sitting still. I End up reclining or lying in bed to feel relief.
    Jan 6 2014 – had a bout of vertigo dizziness
    Jan 9 2014 – went to a neurologist was diagnosed with vestibular migraine. Was prescribed with vertigo medicine and calcium channel blockers to suppress the migraine but it didn’t work.stopped taking it after three days. Only the rivotril was giving me relief though the downside to that is I need to take it daily again. Developed tinnitus and occasional arthritic pain on my left hand(sign of an immune attack)
    Oct-dec 2013 – started getting in and off falling sinkin feeling if I’m seated or woken g Ina computer. That feeling would last for 2 seconds and will go away.
    Along this time I had stretched my rivotril and zescita intake and weaned/stretched it to 9 days.
    Feb-sept 2013 – thought I only had anxiety and depression and managed these illneses by taking anti anxiety medication and anti depressant medication.
    Feb 2013 – went to see a psychiatrist to seek help regarding my anxiety problems. Aside from the constant ruminating of anxious thoughts I get other symptoms like Chest pain, tightness of chest dizziness, palpitations, muscle twitching, insomnia, developed depression, etc.
    Dec 2012 – two days free Xmas I had my first panic attack ad anxiety attack which led to hyperventilation. What triggered the panic attack was a dizzy spell which was like a really bad one. I thought that day I was going to die.

    Oct 2012-dec 2012
    On several occasions id wake up from early evening naps feeling delirious like I don’t know where I am. I’d snap back to reality but it was really making me anxious.
    Also my body started getting tired all the time like I’m always sleepy.

    Jan 2012 had an MRI To rule out any problems in my brain bec I was constantly getting migraines . Before it was seldom now it was like once a month. Results show no brain problem.
    Dec 2011 had gastrointestinal problems . Due to stress/pressures from work I developed high acidity and food sensitivities.
    I was prescribed with proton pump inhibitors and antacids to relieve myself of the pain. Stuck to the antacid for almost a year (till 2012).

    Had on an off allergic rhinitis. I took antibiotics and anti histamine to control the post nasal drip.
    Had on and off migraines and took Advil and paracetamol to deal with the pain.

    2000-hospitalized for acute appendicitis (no X-ray just diagnosis) bec of intense pain in my gut and was given antibiotics thru IV for several days.

    What’s also making me pinpoint candida is the diet that I had. I love eating processed foods, junk foods, sugar, desserts which feeds on candida. Plus the fact I have a history of anti biotic use and gastrointestinal problems

    I read during research on the net that migraines and psychological problems are linked to candida.

    What got me really worried lately are my dizzy spells . They’re intensifying and if ill base it on my neurologists diagnosis there’s apparently no cure. I believe I don’t have vestibular migraine and that dizziness is linked to toxins caused by something in my gut.

    how can I be you able to zero in on the that is candida, h.pylori, or parasitic infection?

    Your advise would really mean a lot to me. I feel so alone on my struggle bec no one gets what I’m feeling even my family:(

    It’d mean the world to me to hear from you.
    Thank you and I hope this email reaches you.



    1. citizen1ita says:


      What you’re going through sounds like hell and I’ve been there, so I’m very sorry! Remember, I’m not a licensed practitioner so I can’t diagnose or prescribe, but I can share with you what I’ve learned from personal experience and research. After reading your long history, the first red flag I see is the anti-anxiety and anti-depression medications you’re on. Are you still on those? Did you have the dizziness before you started taking them? Candida CAN cause dizziness and many of the symptoms you describe. But so can those medications. My guess is the antibiotics and the diet you were on contributed to candida overgrowth, which then contributed to gut issues and anxiety (gut issues and anxiety go hand-in-hand because so much of our nervous system is in our gut). And then when you took the acid-blockers that only exacerbated the issue, because often when you have acid stomach it’s because you need to restore proper acid balance by taking Hydrochloric Acid supplements–yes, adding more acid, not taking away. The stomach starts overproducing acid when you’re not getting enough of it, see.

      Anyway, At that point, you started on these medications that likely contributed to additional symptoms. I need to publish a new post on this very topic–my experience with anti-anxiety drugs, their withdrawal symptoms and my going off of them completely. Going off Clonazepam changed my life completely and I’ve never been healthier than I am today. The problem is, when you’re on those drugs for multiple years, taking them daily, they are so highly addictive that if you’re not regularly increasing the dose, your body becomes acclimated (?) (can’t think of the right word). And your body starts needing more of the drug–just like with street drugs. Suddenly, you’re experiencing withdrawals that are as bad as what street drug users experience, and you’re wondering what’s going on, what mysterious chronic illness do you have, when the culprit is in that pill you are taking every day–because at some point you started taking a drug daily that should have never been prescribed that way. Benzodiazepines are emergency drugs–they give them to people to relax them in the emergency room when nothing else works. They’re not meant to be taken daily, though doctors are more and more prescribing them that way. These doctors fail to let on how highly addictive they are and the kind of withdrawal-syndrome you can experience. You’re not experiencing withdrawals because you missed a dose–you’re experiencing withdrawals because your body is craving more of the drug and you’re not increasing the dose. Anyway, in addition to the withdrawals, these drugs produce side effects like what you’re describing: dizziness, weakness, muscle twitching, palpitations, insomnia, cognitive problems, blood sugar problems, hormonal imbalances, AND the very anxiety and depression they are claiming to treat.

      The other thing that can cause dizziness and other head symptoms is an environmental allergy, because environmental allergies can affect the inner ear. I would guess MOLD might be an issue for you, because people suffering with yeast problems are allergic to mold. Hopefully, you don’t have a lot of mold in your diet (cheese, mushrooms, peanuts). But if there’s mold in the air, there’s not much you can do about that unless you have a good air purification system.

      However, you CAN heal from all of these things over time by building up your body with good, nutritious food and by eliminating toxins from your system (including drugs). Once you do that, your immune system will strengthen and you won’t be so allergic/intolerant/sensitive to so many things. YOU CAN get better.

      On this blog I advocate for a treatment called NAET (or BIOSET, which is very similar). It’s an energy-based treatment that helps heal the body of allergic reactions and sensitivities. Some chiropractors and some acupuncturists use this treatment, and some other practitioners who use muscle testing. (BIOSET.net or NAET.com.)

      But seriously, I would look into the medication aspect. Hope this helps! Email me anytime.


    2. Shelley says:

      You SERIOUSLY sound like you have Lyme disease, as it is primarily an neuroimmune disorder that can affect all systems of the body. The only way you would know for sure is to find a Lyme-Literate MD (LLMD) who specializes in diagnosing and treating Lyme disease. Other doctors basically don’t have a clue and the Lyme tests most doctors use are useless, too many false negatives (only useful if positive, no false positives).

      Candida and h. pylori and many other Lyme co-infections are common, so most people with Lyme are dealing with a complex infection and often parasites, too. An LLMD knows this and can help to diagnose the whole lot of them. If Lyme is present, it will depress the immune system, which leaves the body open to many other kinds of infections that a healthy body could fight off easily. Lyme HAS to be diagnosed and addressed to clear the other infections, so the immune system can recover and become strong enough to hold its own. 9 out of 10 people with Lyme go undiagnosed or misdiagnosed. Visit:


      Or search for “Lyme disease” to find out more, and to find a Lyme-Literate Medical Doctor who can help get you on the path to healing. You don’t even have to remember getting bitten by a tick, since Lyme is spread by ANY biting, blood-sucking insect (most doctors don’t know this: spiders, bedbugs, mosquitoes, flies, gnats, etc… as well as ANY kind of tick, but especially the deer tick and Lonestar ticks). Good luck on your healing journey.

  13. meryem says:


    i read you blog today, thanks for sharing your journey with us,
    My brother was diagnosed with h pilori he is going herbal now but willing to do antibiotics. He have symptoms like shaking the whole body(tremor) pain in the back and head neck…
    Please you tell the name of the doctor that gave you these treatment is is a naturopath doc? how long its takes you to cure you candida/h pilori?
    whats the things you did that make a big difference in you recovery?
    a big big thanks

    1. citizen1ita says:


      I’m sorry to hear your brother is so ill. To answer your questions, the type of Doctor that helped me the most was a chiropractor who used applied kinesiology along with natural supplements. A supplement called HPLR by Apex Energetics along with colloidal silver and an HCL enzyme supplement were what allowed me to see improvement. Especially after introducing the colloidal silver. I was also on a no-sugar and gluten free diet, which I still am. I no longer have problems with h.pylori, thanks be to God. I hope this helps.

      God’s Peace,

  14. meryem says:

    thanks for replying, my bro is still sick, but now he doesnt have the tremors cause i suspected low b12, but still have HP, he is not ready to do another triple therapy or quad, he wants natural stuff, i order the same colloidal silver from the Texas guy, but the brand Appex in not available in Canada…but im thinking to give him a natural protocol with manuka honey, mastic gum, biofilm, probiotics.and others i read someone had killed hp with this, whats the hCL enzyme did to your stomach?and whats the HPLR? thanks a lot

    is the colloidal silver need to be consumed asap or can be stored in the dark and dont loose his freshness..thanks.


  15. Linnea D Wilkins says:

    I have almost the exact same history of symptoms.. my biggest issue right now though is the hypoglycemic like symptoms. How did you cut out sugar with the hypoglycemic like reactions? I start getting shaky, can’t sleep and intense bowel, stomach and possibly spleen pain when I go without sugar for 12 hours. With leads to me eating a giant bowl of the most sugary cereal I can find and a few sips of soda to get some relief.

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