Negative for both H. pylori and Candida!


In June ’09 I was diagnosed by Metametrix DNA stool test which showed positive for high amounts of H. pylori. That was the bullseye. My answer. It had shown negative for candida. That was actually a relief, and that meant that my efforts to follow an anti-candida diet for about a year (diagnosed by blood test, positive for candida in Aug ’08) paid off after all.

I re-tested (after about a month or so of natural antibiotic treatment) for H. pylori using the Urea Breath Test in Aug ’09, and it came back negative. Praise the Lord! The natural antibiotics worked, and I didn’t have to take those nasty pharmaceuticals. Take that, Prevpac!!! Re-tested (while I was there, figured, why not) with the same blood test that showed positive for candida in Aug 2008, and it came back negative for candida. So now I had a second confirmation that I am negative for systemic candida, by both stool and blood test. Praise the Lord! Take that, Nystatin and Diflucan!

*As far as re-testing goes, you need to wait at least 4 weeks after you’ve taken your antibiotics (natural or otherwise) to re-test, so you don’t get a false positive while the bug is still being cleansed out of your system.

The Metametrix GI Effects test that showed the h. pylori back in June ’09 was ordered by my chiropractor, because we wanted a full view of any kind of bacteria, parasite, candida, that might show up. However, because they are like the only company that does this specific test, I had to wait a very long 3 weeks to get my results back. Whereas a simple stool test from your average MD or even the urea breath test would have yielded faster results. But if you want to check for a variety of microbes, the Metametrix is good for that, according to my doctor. I used the urea breath test to re-test, because I only needed to find out about h. pylori, and that’s all the urea breath test checks for. Do not re-test by blood, because according to one of my D.O.’s,  you’ll always have an antibody come up for it once you’ve had it.


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  1. rick says:

    hey there… ive also just started on bee’s candida programme. just going through my first dieoff now actually!
    im curious as to what diet changes have you made since having no candida? have you been able to increase your carb intake?
    and how is your situation with anxiety/phobia now?


    1. citizen1ita says:

      I started eating more carbs, even the cautioned-against wheat. When I eat whole wheat bread, and especially sprouted, it doesn’t seem to bother me as long as it’s in moderation. When I start eating wheat all the time, I do notice it beginning to effect my blood sugar and hormones. Recently I was diagnosed as being insulin resistant and my cortisol levels are too high in the later part of the day/night. The diet for insulin resistance is basically the same as for candida. No grains or decreased grains, less starchy veggies and mostly protein, fat, and veggies. Have I been diligent with this diet? Not so much. The problem is, I have to eat every 2 hours, and this goes on all through the night too. So it becomes very difficult to constantly be eating meat that often. So I’m still eating wheat, though only whole wheat and mostly sprouted. Pretty soon I’m getting a bread machine so I can start making gluten free breads because I was healthier on a gluten free diet several years ago. Also, I still rarely EVER eat fruit. And I stay away from dessert. It’s no good for me! The sugar just doesn’t work well for me. But hard cheeses don’t seem to bother me, that I’m aware of. But everyone’s different. After all of this I’m convinced whole grains are the way to go (whole grains minus the yeast used for bread) but even then, it has to be in moderation if you have insulin or blood sugar problems. The question is, were my problems with insulin and blood sugar caused by the chronic yeast and the h.pylori infection. I think it’s very possible. I have adrenal fatigue from all the stress my body went through when I was sick, so yeah, it’s all a result I’m sure. Going to an endocrinologist to have my elevated cortisol looked into again, and if they can’t help me I’m going back to my acupuncturist/chinese medicine doctor, and maybe have some energetic work done. I’ve just got to get my sleep back.

      The phobia is still there. The EMDR I was getting when I was seeing my therapist helped at first, but we stopped doing it consistently, and I’ve recently stopped seeing her due to finances and just being too busy. So the phobia is still there and I still need to get rid of it. Perhaps once I’ve released this strong fear, my body can really heal.

      But as an encouraging note, the worst effects from the candida and h.pylori infections are pretty much gone, not at all like they were. (the nausea every day for over a year) So I’m immensely thankful and believe I’ve pretty much conquered that. For one, I continue to take oregano oil from time to time (as well as another supplement I took for h. pylori called Gastro ULC by Apex Energetics) and it does not make me sick so I know the candida must not be back because if it were I’d have die off from that oregano.

      Wish you well and health.

  2. Jean says:

    Hi Juanita,

    Thank you so much for your blog.

    I wonder what did you take for H.pylori and for how long?

    Thanks again.

    1. citizen1ita says:


      All the supplements I took for H. pylori are listed in my blog. The main supplements were HPLR by Apex Energetics (2 capsules taken 2 to 3 times per day in between meals), Gastro ULC also by Apex Energetics (2 tabs twice a day away from the other supplements because the bentonite clay absorbs other nutrients) and colloidal silver (10ppm 2 tsp twice per day). This was on the recommendation of two different chiropractors. I took the supplements for at least 2 months, maybe three and the silver for just 14-16 days. If you wanted to just try silver alone, one chiropractor swears by just that. There are all sorts of places on the internet that praise the antibacterial, antiviral, and antiparisitic effects of colloidal silver and it’s cheaper than the other supplements. I also had lots and lots of people praying for me 😉

      Hope you have healing.


  3. Jean says:

    Hi Juanita,

    Thank you so much for all the informations you gave me about the supplements you took against H.pylori.

    I did try The matula tea but It didn’t free me from H.pylori. And before that I tried Amoxicillin, Clarythromicine and Lansoprazole. That helped me for a week but as soon as I finished the medication I got the worst pain ever and still positive with H.pylori.

    I will try to start the supplements you took for 2 months and see if I can get rid of this nightmare.

    My pain is over my chest ( the left chest) and in my back and I burp a lot.

    Thank you again for this blog.

    1. citizen1ita says:


      I’m curious, how were you diagnosed? Anyway, I have a feeling my sister may have H.pylori too (my mom and my mom’s dad had it so it may run in the family) she’s been having the burping thing too and nausea…anyway, I hope whatever regimen you get on helps. I might add, broccoli and cabbage fight h. pylori too. I never liked the idea of cabbage until I was desperate enough to try it. I found it was good sauteed in real butter with dried thyme, salt and pepper. And it’s also good in homemade vegetable soups. Keep me updated.


  4. Jean says:

    Hi again,

    It was my doctor who gave me a blood test for H.pylori and it was +. However, the burping is not exclusive symptoms of H.pylori. Alot of parasites can cause nausea and burping.

    Today I just sent a stool sample to methametrix labs for the comprehensive stool test and I will see what wrong.

    My symptoms got worst if I eat a starchy things like Pizza. Sweet food also agravates my symptoms. I’m following the Atkin diet now.

    Thank you.

  5. Jean says:

    Hi Juanita,

    If your familly has H.pylori, I think they should treat it. The medical community is unanimous about the pathogenicity of H.pylori. It migh cause gastritis, ulcers, as well as stomach cancers and heart diseases.

    I tried the mastic gum but it did nothing for me. Other people also mentioned in other websites that mastic gum did nothing for them.

    From little research I did, H.pylori makes biofilms to protect itself from antimicrobials and the immune system. So I think maybe that why Mastic had no effect on my H.pylori. New research study conduted in Italy suggested the use of NAC as Mycolytic to destroy the biofilms and increase the success rate of the triple therapy.

    Also H.pylori doesn’t infect the stomach only. It can infects the small intestines and cause an bacterial overgrowth that manifests itself as bloating.

    I just waiting for the methametrix results and right away I will try the supplements you suggested. If that won’t work, I have to go through quadriple therapy or a rescue therapy because I feel that I’m out of options.

  6. citizen1ita says:


    If H. pylori makes biofilms to protect itself against antimicrobials then it’s only a matter of trial and error which antimicrobial would work either natural or pharmaceutical. Mastic may work for some and not others. Same goes for the drugs and other natural supplements. The HPLR formula has several antimicrobials in it which may have been why it was effective, plus I took silver too so I had lots of things going at it at once. Plus I was on a diet that didn’t feed it, etc. etc.

    I haven’t heard of this NAC. I just looked it up and I don’t recognize it as something I’ve seen as a supplement at the store. How does one aquire this? And what would it be called?


  7. Jean says:


    I think that in my case it is a chronic infection. I have to try to destroy the biofilms first so any effort may work.

    NAC is N-acetyl-cysteine. It’s the precursor of glutathion.

    There is a published study done in Italy that shows that patients who failed to get rid of H.pylori in the first treatment were given 600 mg of NAC as a pretreatment and then they got the triple therapy. The success rate increased because of the pretreatment with NAC against H.pylori.

    Turmeric also distrubs the biofilms of H.pylori.

    Aspirin is very good against the biofilms of Candida albican.

    the biofilms make the bacteria 1000 more resistant to any antibiotic.

    I took silver too but if didn’t help me much. I’m thinkin about getting my own silver maker so I can save some money because I paid 40 dollars for a 1oz silver 10ppm. I took it but I didn’t notice any improvement.

    I will dig more to find a very sound remedies against this nasty bacteria.

    Did you try the matula tea? I tried it but it did nothing for me. Also I contacted a guy from Belgium who bought 4 packages of the matula tea and his son was still positive with the H.pylori and no improvement. The matula tea seems like a scam.

    Keep on the good work.

  8. citizen1ita says:


    Yeah this NAC is interesting stuff. After I do more research and maybe try it or recommend my sister try it I should write a post on it. So thanks for the tip. I read a warning that taking NAC could disrupt the gastric mucosal barrier, which is obviously not a good thing, causing nausea, vomiting, etc. And people with stomach ulcers should not take it- of course many with h. pylori also have stomach ulcers, so may not be a good treatment for them…Scary stuff in my opinion. So I’d be interested to find some studies where this did not occur.

    I barely tried Matula. Think it made me feel sicker so I stopped, returned the rest and got a full refund. I may have only taken two cups of the tea. Perhaps if I’d tried it longer it may have helped. It was doing something if it made me feel worse…But I’m just too sensitive so I quit it right away. The other thing I didn’t like, was I tried to get the ingredients and I think they weren’t willing to tell me what they were. Which I didn’t like one bit. It’s a “secret” formula. Yet there are thousands of other nutritional supplements on the market that list their ingredients and people still buy them. It’s not like people go off and concoct their own. (At least not most people).


    1. Jean says:

      Here is the link of the study done in Italy:

      There was no single side effect from taking NAC. NAC has also antioxydant effect.

      The groupe who received 600 mg of NAC before the rescue therapy had a higher success rate of the eradication of H.pylori than the groupe who didn’t receive NAC.

  9. Cathy says:

    I was diagnosed with high amounts of h.pylori with a metametrix stool test too. I was treated with triple therapy and it didn’t get rid of it. I was supposed to be on it for 10 days but I had to stop after 7 because it made me so ill. I have hashimoto’s and my immune system overreacts to unfamiliar substances in medications, herbs, and supplements. I react to mastic gum and one of the substances in the h pylori supplement from apex. It’s hard to tell what I’ll react to. It’s been a process of trial and error. I’m currently on a natural antibiotic and biofilm protocal through a chiropractor who specializes in h pylori with no reactions. I’m taking lauricidin and berberine for the bacteria and xylitol and lactoferrin for the biofilm . I’m also taking an over the counter proton pump inhibitor because I’ve been told high levels of stomach acid increase biofilm. I’m supposed to do this for two weeks and then do a follow up. I’m on day 6 of the natural antibiotic protocal and the “morning sickness” just started but it’s tolerable. I’ll try your recommendations for it.

    1. citizen1ita says:


      Thanks for your comment. I too have low thyroid, though I don’t have any conclusive evidence of Hashimoto’s at this time. It’s an interesting connection though. I have been finding that the adrenals, thyroid and blood sugar–all connected, are then connected to a susceptibility to bacterial, yeast, and parasitic infections. I’m on the Armour thyroid med–the natural one. It has balanced out my thyroid levels according to my last test.

      The supplements you are taking, I have either heard of or tried myself. I love Berberine. The only thing I can say that might lend some insight, is that with H.pylori you WANT to have normal stomach acid. I was actually put on HCL–Hydrochloric Acid supplements by my holistic doctor to increase my stomach acid. The acid is necessary to kill all the microbes in your stomach. Low stomach acid causes bacteria to thrive and replicate. I would be wary of taking anything that reduces acid. Maybe try some HCL and see if that helps with the nausea. It might. The test is this: If you take HCL and it gives you acid stomach–you’re good on acid and don’t need to supplement. BUT, if you take HCL and don’t feel acid stomach, then you have low stomach acid and need to supplement. Generally, you take as many capsules as it takes to feel acid stomach and then step back. But, I think it’s always good to start things out in small doses, especially for us sensitive types.


  10. Guys, I live in Jakarta, Indonesia. I ordered two pack for me and my mother. and I get Cured after 30 days, no more problem with H.Phylori !

    This is my facebook, so you can check if you are think that I’m from matula sales team.

    I just can suggest to you, to never ever try to consume anti biotic !

  11. Katie says: very cool! It practically mirrors my life. only I.went.through provocation neutralization for my.sensitivities and use only vitamin c megadose to cure panic.attacks and Candida.

  12. Egg says:

    Juanita, Your blog has been so, so helpful – even so long after your struggle with H Pylori — I am very comforted to know that someone else had endured the recovery.
    I have the awful vertigo that others have described these last 3 weeks following a long food and booze indulgence. At first I thought I might have neurological or brain damage from one night of excess. And then I thought I was experiencing a c-diff relapse which I had survived 15 years ago. And so I immediately started taking Floristor for c-diff which gave me terrible yeast, only aggravating the vertigo. But the standard culture was neg for the c-diff which is not very reliable so I am doing another. But my bloodtest was pos for h-pylori so I switched to mastic gum and manuka honey (not too much of that) and have finally turned the corner (I think) since that terrible vertigo/dying sensation is diminishing. I’m concerned that the lifting of the vertigo is just the h-pylori re-establishing it’s foothold in my gut since I cheated and had a fruit smoothie which didn’t bother my stomach too much.
    I’m still waiting on Geneva stool lab results to rule out parasites and test for C-diff again. If the h-pylori shows in that too, I might consider an endoscope just because I am paranoid about my sore duodenum and, since my grandma died of colon cancer, I’m scared ( although the jury is out on family history connection). I no longer can tolerate antibiotics, too, from a lifetime of being overprescribed. I almost went to the ER when taking Levoquin last winter for a serious sinus infection despite having tolerated it years ago. So I know that the triple or quadruple treatment for h-p is out.
    Anyway, I read your post about h-pylori like I was grabbing a lifesaver because it is a scary, lonely miserable process getting rid of it. By the way, the die-off made me over sensitized to my almost 2 decade dependency on Lunesta – cousin of benzos – I’m tapering off since it now makes me so sick. Getting off of Lunesta is the most challenging discipline and I hope to hear all of what it was like for you to get off your benzo and how you are doing now.

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