How it all started

Mom and Baby Juanita

Here is a kind of chronological order of the symptoms I had as I had them, as I figure this will be the easiest way for you to see if your own situation relates to mine.


– Have had “tummy troubles” since I was a kid. Was fed a largely processed diet of easy quick foods like chicken nuggets, corn dogs, etc., and a lot of sugary foods: white flour, sugary breakfast cereals.

– Watched mom suffer panic attacks and also started having panic attacks myself.

Mom and mom’s dad had stomach ulcers, and therefore, most likely, h. pylori. Possibly acquired h. pylori from mom and candida overgrew from feeding on the sugary white flour-based diet, as well as the anxiety (fear acts like sugar in the body and candida feeds on sugar).

–  Anxiety attacks became worse. Phobias intensified. Was on Paxil for 3 years until it had to continually be increased in dosage in order to be effective. I decided to get off it, because I started experiencing night sweats and loss of emotion/sensation.

– In my late teens, I developed a symptom where when I ate a single bite of food I would feel full like I couldn’t take another bite or it would make me sick.

– would be constipated for several days in a row.

– Started taking cleansing products (Colonix brand) and starting having colon hydrotherapy. This only helped somewhat. (I recommend if you go have a colonic, that you do it in conjunction with taking a colon cleansing product like Colonix, or to be on a cleansing diet leading up to it. Otherwise the colonic on it’s own may not do much.)

– Was finally diagnosed by stool test as gluten intolerant.

– Went on a carefully watched, strict gluten free diet and was able to eat again. Symptoms improved within just two weeks.

– Started suffering other stomach problems. Was diagnosed by muscle testing (Applied Kinesiology) as having some kind of bacterial infection.

– took a round of several bottles of homeopathic remedies. Saw no improvement. Went to another chiropractor-kinesiologist and was muscle tested and found to have a bacterial infection. Second person to say that. Took a product called Berbercap with Berberine and it seemed to improve my gut symptoms for a while. Was told to eliminate sugar from diet.

– started suspecting that I had candida from all the research I did, but never adhered to a strict anti-candida diet because it just seemed too difficult.

-After 3 years of going gluten-free, I came across a technique called NAET which claimed to treat food allergies. Started NAET and after several treatments was able to eat gluten again without the symptoms I had before. My overall immune system also improved. Stopped losing so much hair and odors didn’t bother me as much. Overall felt a positive difference. Was eating gluten again (note: introducing gluten into my diet again was only temporary. I adhere to a gluten free diet still today.)

– Also started on a vegetarian diet for about a year, which basically means a high-carb diet which candida feeds on: heavy on grains, beans, soy, fruit, veggies, and cheese. All healthy foods in and of themselves, but still, high carb, lower protein and lower fat.

– Started having hypoglycemia and increased anxiety along with it. Started feeling like I had to eat every 2 or 3 hours or would feel ill.

– Started waking up in the night around 3am-5am every single night feeling hungry and hypoglycemic. Had to eat or couldn’t go back to sleep. Would eat oatmeal (carbs) as my middle of the night snack.

– The waking up in the night continued for over a year. (To this day that has not stopped.) Could not sleep even on Clonazepam or other sleep inducing medication.

– Started having nausea at night. This would begin around 3pm sometimes, sometimes 5pm. And just got worse. Had bad anxiety attacks and nausea all night long.

– Went to the ER and was given Ativan and an antacid (even though I never experienced “acid stomach”, only nausea). Started taking Ativan and quickly became dependent. While on Ativan I experienced the most intense anxiety attacks ever, as Ativan isn’t meant to be taken for multiple days in a row. It has a very short half-life, and can stop being effective after just 7 days. Withdrawals can be experienced after a short period of time. The increased anxiety was from the withdrawals. I was able to taper off it by switching to Clonazepam. Clonazepam has a longer half-life.

Chronic nausea continued and I suffered a great deal over it. Finally was given a prescription called Promethazine (Phenergan) and it gave me much needed relief. Not a cure, but a comfort. Temporarily. (Looking back, I see now that the chronic nausea was likely related to benzodiazepine withdrawal syndrome in addition to whatever h.pylori or candida infections I had).

– Was diagnosed by blood test in Aug ’08  as having a systemic candida infection. My suspicions were confirmed. (However, this same blood test showed negative for h.pylori antibodies.  Later learned that the blood test for h.pylori isn’t the most accurate way of testing it. Turned out I just didn’t have the antibodies…) Started following an anti-candida diet as closely as I could, which included eating meat again, raising my amount of good fats, good organic eggs, and veggies. (Will post on anti-candida diet later). This helped, and gave me some better days and nights for a while.

– Still had nausea off and on, and still not able to sleep a full night.

– In June ’09 (almost a year later of having chronic nausea) by stool test (Metametrix DNA based) I was diagnosed as having a high amount of H.pylori. Bullseye. This explained the “morning sickness,” a common symptom of h.pylori. (This also confirmed that the findings from previous muscle testings–Applied Kinesiology, were correct). The anti-candida diet alone was not going to take care of the h.pylori problem, though I’m sure it was better than continuing the high carb (sugary) vegetarian diet, which only fed candida and bacteria. And after a year of the anti-candida diet, it didn’t make sense to me that I was still so ill. The h.pylori was the ticker.

– Started a natural antibiotic regimen. Check my “What Worked” Post for that.


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  1. Nadia says:

    Hi Juanita,

    Thanks for sharing your story. I’ve been suffering from a lot of the symptoms you mentioned, mostly night time nausea and chills. They’ve ruined my life. I’ve taken a bunch of tests and they all came back negative including a blood test for pylori antibodies. Hmm…
    I’m glad to hear you’ve recovered, wish me the best of luck!

    1. citizen1ita says:

      Nadia, sorry you’ve been so ill. Not to be too forward, but have you had a good stool test done on you? I absolutely loathe taking them, but that was how the h.pylori infection I had was diagnosed. I bought the test kit from my chiropractor and the test is based on DNA but it’s a stool test. I had actually tested negative by a blood test as well. When I told my doctor, at the time, that her blood test was wrong and my stool test showed high amounts of h.pylori, she said that it just meant I wasn’t making the antibodies for some reason. So you may want to look into it. The test I did (by Metametrix) also checked for all sorts of things including parasites and candida. Any of these things can cause night time/morning nausea. The things that worked for me are in another post…but I’m still not quite where I want to be (I guess my gut and my hormones amongst other things are still healing) though I’m much, much better than I was several months ago! Hope you can get the answers you need soon. If you lived in the Austin, TX area I could recommend some good doctors, but hopefully you’ll find a knowledgeable doctor in your area.

  2. K says:

    I am in Austin and wondering if you could recommend Austin doctors for candida?

    1. citizen1ita says:

      Dr. Kieran Kuykendall in Austin is a chiropractor I go to and he has a lot of knowledge about Candida. I got better after I saw him and took the supplements he advised, in addition to a colloidal silver per the advice of another dr. Dr. David Weinthal in Georgetown is a Chinese Medicine Doctor and Acupuncturist and he too has helped me along the way with allergies, especially, and with Candida. As far as MDs…Dr. Robert Thoreson (D.O.) in Austin is knowledgeable of Candida and uses some alternative methods in addition to traditional methods and Dr. Ehrin Parker (D.O.) in Round Rock is the same way. However, I have had issues with both but they both use methods that most western Doctors won’t use or even know about so I would go to them in the event I needed a medical lab test or prescription drugs. Dr. Parker, preferable.

  3. gene reiley says:

    i am going through nearly the exact same thing. Is there anyway you could e-mail some info on what worked for you? that would be much apreciated and maybe a lifesaver!

  4. jo says:

    I am so glad I’ve come across this post. I am in a similar situation, battling with gut and mood issues all of my life. Just got diagnosed with h-pylori infection from metametrix aftert consulting a holistic practitioner. May I ask you how you know your infection was ‘high’? Metametrix seems to give no range apart from saying that beyond a certain value you have h-pylori. My diarrhea has got worse after starting monolaurin, but I want to stick with it…

    Thanks for sharing your story with us


    1. krystle says:

      hi there! we had been in touch a few months ago and i wanted to write you but lost your email somehow! if you get a chance to reach out I would greatly appreciate it. THANK YOU!!!!

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