Help with Nausea, Morning Sickness, and Die Off


H. pylori is known to cause “morning sickness,” and of course, candida can cause nausea too, by way of the toxins they release into your system, and by their effect on digestion, acid balance, blood sugar and hormones. Geez! Killing off organisms causes die-off (releasing more of their toxic waste) which can also make you feel sick.

My brother- in- law told me the thing that helped his wife when she had morning sickness (of the pregnancy kind) was the vitamin B-6. Once she started taking it, the nausea went away. But it has to be B-6 by itself–not B complex. You can take a B complex, but you need to take additional B-6. So I started using it, and it has seemed to help. B-6 helps with sugar metabolism, which is interesting. I felt that the nausea was somehow related to low blood sugar/hypoglycemia.

However, as anti-pharmaceutical as I now am, I have to say, what has brought me the most significant relief from nausea has been the prescription anti-nausea med, Promethazine (Phenergan). Wish I would have found it a long time ago! Bonus, it helps calm you down. Warning: not recommended for long-term use, because this drug is also sometimes prescribed as an anti-psychotic and sleep aid, and like sleep aids, can become addictive and cause unwanted side effects including rebound insomnia, raised blood glucose, and more. Read the drug information on Promethazine before taking it. As I said, I’m generally anti-pharmaceutical, but in this case I was desperate to not feel so nauseous.

Here are some other things that helped me with nausea:

Slippery Elm in powder form. It has to be the powder. I took a tablespoon or so mixed in a little tiny bit of hot water, mixed into a paste-like consistency. It coats the throat and entire digestive tract. Sometimes I have to take this before I can take anything else or eat anything else. In some countries they eat this as a food source, so I don’t think it matters how much you consume. I’ve consumed lots and I don’t think it ever made me worse.

Eating organic eggs. Even if I had to plug my nose and eat them, because I was so nauseous (I know this sounds terrible, but this was my life for a while!), I knew they’d always make me feel better. There is something about them that just works. It’s the combination of protein, fats, and nutrients. Sometimes just simply eating helps with die off. Sometimes white rice (a no-no on the anti-candida diet, so be careful) was all I could do, but at least it was something.

The Electrolyte drink: 8-16 oz purified water with 1/8 to 1/4 tsp celtic sea salt and juice of half lemon. Much easier to drink than plain water by itself, which often made me feel bloated and worse.

Taking 1000mg of vit C 3 times a day or more to help detoxify.

Clove tea. I used ground clove in powder and steeped it in tea filter bags. About 1/2 tsp in a tea bag or more. This also helped me relax.

Dry skin brushing to help move the lymph. Get a natural bristle brush and brush in long slow strokes (not in circles) starting at your feet, and moving up your legs. Then up your arms from your hands. Then over your buttocks and back, your shoulders and chest, and towards your tummy. I did this morning and night, before showering.

Enemas. Get an enema bag and you can do coffee enemas, clove tea enemas, or just clear water ones. I would do one every week. The Gerson Therapy for cancer treatment is a strong advocate of coffee enemas for liver and colon cleansing. Coffee enemas save lives! Another bonus: they make my skin clear.


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  1. L says:

    Hi, I’m curious if you experienced any adverse effects from h pylori die off. I am currently being treated and am experiencing very bad diarreah. I am trying to figure out if this is from the h plylori treatment (I’m using monolaurin) or from an anxiety medication I’m taking.

    1. citizen1ita says:

      Hi, yes I did experience die off, but I was already feeling nauseous all the time anyway, so I figured things could only get better. I am suspecting that you probably are experiencing a detox and cleansing of the h.pylori. I don’t know anything about monolaurin, other than that it comes from coconut oil–and I’ve studied the benefits of coconut oil for years. Coconut oil would cause a die off if you have candida or any fungal or bacterial infection. Maybe just take a little less or go off it for a couple days til you feel a little better. You don’t want to overdo it and overwhelm your system, but my guess is it’s probably effective. I have some tips to help with die off symptoms on this post you responded to. Clove tea is helpful, vitamin C can be taken in large doses (I took around 3000mgs/day, some people take more), oh, and one of the best things I did for myself was start putting 1/4 tsp celtic or pink sea salt in my water along with lemon juice. I drink my water this way to this day to get the nourishing minerals and liver cleansing from the lemon. This would be great for what you’re going through because the lemon is cleansing and the sea salt will provide your body with electrolytes. Lemon helps nausea too. If you’re really desperate, some rice with butter and salt or oatmeal with butter, salt, cinnamon and stevia might help with the diarrhea, though you have to remember that grains convert to sugar that feeds yeast and bacteria. Still, I ate these when I desperately needed to soothe myself. Hope you start feeling better soon. Just one more thing. Colloidal Silver was really effective for me and it didn’t cause me any die off that I could tell, less than with any other thing I tried. PEACE. -Juanita

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