How To Find A Good Therapist

A licensed therapist is someone who can provide ongoing “talk” therapy. Most licensed therapists are not also M.D.s, meaning they can’t prescribe medications for “mood” or “mental” disorders. If you need a psychiatrist, an M.D., for medication management, than see my previous post. Personally, I don’t go to psychiatrists anymore, because all they did was prescribe my anti-anxiety medications. Well, a D.O. or any other M.D. can do the same thing. If you actually need emotional treatment other than just medication, it may be a good idea to find a good licensed therapist.

There are also other more alternative forms of emotional therapies out there that have worked for me, and aren’t necessarily performed by licensed therapists. I’ll list those at the end of this post.

After you’ve done a search for licensed therapists in your area, or located them on your insurance’s website, check them out online. See if they have reviews or a website and check them out.

If no website, or even if they do have a website, call or email them and ask (depending on what you’re looking for):

1. Do you have a lot of success treating (whatever your emotional issue is)?

2. Do you do EMDR?

3. Are you familiar with EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) and do you use it?

4. Do you use hypnotherapy?

Most therapists use cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and other traditional forms of therapy, but these days a lot of therapists have training in the above forms of therapy too. Find someone who does. EMDR especially.

You should be able to speak personally on the phone with the therapist to get these questions answered, and they should have a kind and willing manner. You should like their voice.

Try to schedule a visit with more than one therapist. Get a sense for each of their personalities, their approaches, to see who is a good match for you.

Other non-licensed practitioners who do emotional work are:

lay hypnotists (one organization is the IMDHA)
Bodytalk practitioners (Bodytalk Systems)
EFT practitioners ( )

I have found relief with Bodytalk and with self-hypnosis. Many people swear by EFT. My therapist has had success with clients using EFT, but we’ve not tried it together yet. I haven’t had much success with EFT on my own for my particular issues. So far, EMDR has given me the most profound results of any kind of therapy, and the licensed therapist I go to offers EMDR, hypnotherapy, EFT, and cognitive therapy.

Good luck.


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