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In 2005 or so I was diagnosed by stool test as positive for gluten intolerance, or Celiac. The symptoms I had at the time were feelings of early fullness when eating and constipation, as well as anxiety and overall poor health. I went on a gluten free diet which improved my symptoms almost immediately. Was on this strict gluten free diet for 3 years until I came across an alternative energy-based treatment for allergies called NAET. ( I’ve talked about NAET in a previous post.  After several treatments for a wide array of allergens I was re-tested by muscle testing and found to be free of the gluten intolerance. Not scientific proof per say, but I started eating gluten again and was free of the symptoms I had in the past.

I’ve been eating gluten for a few years again now and just recently had an endoscopy for some other stomach problems I’ve been having. They took a biopsy (tissue sample) and tested for Celiac and H.pylori. They both came back NEGATIVE.  So to recap, in 2005 a stool test showed positive for Celiac and in 2009, just this past month, I had a biopsy that was negative for Celiac. Proving that Celiac is NOT an incurable disease, but a curable one!

(It is possible, I believe, to be cured by treatment with NAET or BioSET, but it could also be that going off gluten for 3 years allowed my gut to heal. So, going off gluten for a time may be all one needs and not necessarily to be off gluten forever. )

Since my re-testing of H.pylori and Candida coming back as negative for both, I’ve still been having some stomach problems. The nausea has gone way down, but when I have it it seems to relate to hypgoglycemia or low blood sugar. And it occurs in the morning still (but not as bad as before) and usually only if I haven’t had enough sleep. Still not sleeping a full nights’ sleep. I attribute this to

A) I believe I have Adrenal Fatigue. Adrenal Fatigue causes fluctuations in blood sugar, hypoglycemia, and the inability to sleep well. I believe my cortisol levels are reversed, but am getting testing to confirm this.

B) I’ve been tapering off anti-anxiety med and I think I may be suffering the withdrawal symptom of rebound insomnia. Plus, who knows what else that the medicine can cause.

C) My recent endoscopy showed I have a small Hiatal Hernia which can cause nausea, acid reflux, and therefore poor sleep. Gastritis also showed up on the test, though the doctor said it was “inactive”.  The biopsy (tissue sample) tested negative for H.pylori and negative for Celiac so here’s yet another confirmation of that.

Anyway, so I attribute my current symptoms (hypoglycemia, slight nausea, inability to sleep, anxiety, fatigue during the day) to be caused by the Hiatal Hernia and the Adrenal Fatigue. By the way, I read that Hiatal Hernia and Adrenal Fatigue usually go hand in hand. The H.pylori and Candida problem is taken care of and now I have to focus on getting my adrenals, pituitary and this hiatal hernia corrected. It’s like I keep uncovering more layers to discover something else…but I think I’m gettting to the bottom of it.

My chiropractor is working with me to correct the Hiatal Hernia with manual stimulation. Of course, most medical doctors and gastro docs don’t know that chiropractors can do this. Their recommendations are purely for symptom reduction. And their only real solution is surgery though that’s very risky and not necessary in my case.

So here’s a tip for you pregnant ladies out there: My brother- in- law told me the thing that helped his wife when she had morning sickness when she was pregnant was the vitamin B-6. Once she started taking it the nausea went away. But it has to be B-6 by itself, not B complex. You can take a B complex but you need to take additional B-6. So I started using it and it has seemed to greatly reduce the symptom. B-6 helps with sugar metabolism which is interesting. I strongly felt that the nausea related to low blood sugar/hypoglycemia.

Here’s what I took for H. pylori. All Natural. These are the product brands and names along with the dosages my doctor had me take. The doctor who recommended this regimen to me was a chiropractor who specialized in “functional medicine,” nutrition, etc.  If you found a good chiropractor who also worked with nutrition, they may just carry these products. Call and find out. Well, first ask if they have experience treating people with H. pylori. *This is not meant to be a recommended dosage for your own condition and you should seek the advice of your doctor. *Note: Apex Energetics products are intended to be used by those who are under the care and supervision of a licensed health care professional.

Apex Energetics H-PLR (K-32) (the antibiotic) 1-2 capsules 3X day with meals, start with one work up to two

(couldn’t locate this product on the Apex Energetics website for some reason.)

Apex Energetics Gastro- ULC (contains Mastic Gum known for killing h. pylori, other herbs; this is supposed to help heal the gut) 2  3 X day with each meal

Biotics Research Corporation BioDoph-7 Plus (probiotic, to re-populate good bacteria) 2 capsules 3X day between meals

Apex Energetics TerrainZyme HCL Prozyme (Hydrochloric acid and digestive enzyme) 1-2 with each meal

In addition, after I took these products and finished the bottles, I was still having symptoms so I started taking Colloidal Silver per the recommendations of another chiropractor. I took a 10ppm colloidal silver, 2 tablespoons (1 ounce) 2X day for 16 days.  This doctor told me he uses the Apex Energetics line too, but had better and faster results with the silver for H. pylori. Either way, I had already taken the Apex Energetics and feel like they must have helped. The silver I took was made from a local person. Just make sure and get one that’s in an amber glass bottle. And if you purchase a 500ppm or higher, obviously you would probably not take as much.

So, like I said: I re-tested for h.pylori with the urea breath test after having used these products. (I waited at least a month) and the result was NEGATIVE. Proving that natural supplements can eradicate H. pylori.

June ’09 was diagnosed by Metametrix DNA stool test that I was POSITIVE for high amounts of H. pylori. That was the bullseye. My answer. Showed NEGATIVE for candida. That was actually a relief and that meant that my efforts to follow an anti-candida diet for about a year (diagnosed by blood test positive for candida in Aug ’08) paid off afterall.

Re-tested (after about a month or so of natural antibiotic treatment) for H. pylori using the Urea Breath Test in Aug ’09 and it came back NEGATIVE. Praise the Lord! The natural antibiotics worked and I don’t have to take those nasty pharamaceuticals…Take that, Prevpac!!! Re-tested (while I was there, figured why not) with the same blood test that showed positive for Candida in Aug 2008, and it came back NEGATIVE for candida. So now I had a second confirmation that I am negative for systemic candida, by both stool and blood test. Praise the Lord! Take that, Nystatin and Diflucan!

*As far as re-testing goes, you need to wait at least 4 weeks after you’ve taken your antibiotics (natural or otherwise) to re-test so you don’t get a false positive while the bug is still being cleansed out of your system.

The Metametrix GI effects test that showed the h. pylori back in June ’09 was ordered by my chiropractor because we wanted a full view of any kind of bacteria, parasite, candida that might show up. However, because they are like the only company that does this test, I had to wait a very long 3 weeks to get my results back. Whereas a simple stool test from your average doctor or even the urea breath test would have yielded faster results. But if you want to check for a variety of microbes, the Metametrix is good for that, according to my doctor. I used the urea breath test to re-test because I only needed to find out about h. pylori and that’s all the urea breath test checks for. Do not re-test by blood because according to one of my D.O.’s  you’ll always have an antibody come up for it once you’ve had it.

After over a year of chronic nausea (and other hellish symptoms) I finally have my diagnosis. It’s scientifically proven by DNA testing. H. Pylori bacterial infection, amount: high. This would explain my symptoms, even the anxiety and depression to an extent. Of course, with anything in the body there is most always an emotional component and there most certainly is with me. But, thanks be to God for an answer. It’s NOT all in my head. It’s NOT just anxiety. So there. (Will post more specifically on H. Pylori and what I’ve learned about it so far at a later time.)

But what now? So I’m on my round of treatment, natural antibiotics, meaning non-pharmaceutical because pharmaceuticals, well, are toxic and can cause more harm than good. However, at this stage, if I do not see much improvement, and I mean soon, I will go that route because as one doctor (out of many I’ve communicated with) has told me, “you don’t want to screw around with h.pylori.” And it’s true. I fear what it can become…(please God don’t let this get worse.)

Christ says, have no fear. I know that. But when fear has been the dominant emotion of your 25 years of life, it is very very hard to break that wall. But I believe in the God of Healing. I believe in the God of Healing. I repeat to myself. I say the Jesus prayer when I…remember to. Still not good enough.

I mostly wonder what God’s plan is for me. Why hasn’t he just taken my life already? For some reason he wants me alive still. What is the purpose of my life of suffering? Yes, God has been SO merciful to me in so many ways, but I can’t say in all honesty that I’ve ever been “healthy” or completely functional. If I am healed, when I am healed, will I go on to become some great doctor of sorts that helps other people who are suffering in the way that I have? Perhaps my purpose is to simply be me. (Oh, God, I hope not.) But it has to be a transformed me and hopefully, tragically, closer to Jesus Christ.

Here is a kind of chronological order of the symptoms I had as I had them, as I figure this will be the easiest way for you to see if your own situation relates to mine.

Beginning: Have had “tummy troubles” since I was a kid. Was fed a largely processed diet of easy quick foods like chicken nuggets, corn dogs, etc. And a lot of sugary foods: white flour, sugary breakfast cereals.

– Watched mom suffer panic attacks and also started having panic attacks myself.

Mom and mom’s dad had stomach ulcers. And therefore, most likely, h. pylori. Probably inherited h. pylori from mom and candida overgrew from feeding on the sugary white-flour based diet as well as the anxiety.

–  Anxiety attacks got worse. Phobias got worse. Was on Paxil for 3 years until it had to continually be increased in dosage in order to work and I decided to get off it because I started developing bad night sweats and loss of feeling.

– In my late teens I developed a symptom where when I ate a single bite of food I would feel full like I couldn’t take another bite or it would make me sick.

– would be constipated for several days.

– Started taking cleansing products (Colonix brand) and starting having colon hydrotherapy. This only helped somewhat. (I recommend if you get go have a colonic done that you do it in conjunction with taking a colon cleansing product like Colonix or another product that helps move things along. Otherwise the colonic on it’s own may not do much.)

– Was finally diagnosed by stool test to be gluten intolerant.

– Went on a carefully watched, strict gluten free diet and was able to eat again. Symptoms improved almost right away.

– Started suffering other stomach problems. Was “diagnosed” by muscle testing to have some kind of bacterial infection.

– took a round of several bottles of homeopathic remedies. Saw no improvement. Went to another chiropractor-kinesiologist and was muscle tested and found to have a bacterial infection. Second person to say that. Took a product called Berbercap with Berberine and it seemed to improve my gut symptoms for a while. Was told to eliminate sugar from diet.

– started suspecting that I had candida from all the research I did. But never adhered to a strict anti-candida diet because it just seemed too difficult.

-After 3 years of going gluten-free, I came across a technique called NAET which claimed to treat food allergies. Started NAET and after several treatments was able to eat gluten again without the symptoms I had before. My overall immune system also improved. Stopped losing so much hair and smells didn’t bother me as much. Overall felt a positive difference. Was eating gluten again.

– Also started on a vegetarian diet for about a year. Which basically means a high-carb diet which candida feeds on. Heavy on Grains, Beans, Soy, Fruit, Veggies, and Cheese. All healthy foods in and of themselves, but still, high carb, lower protein and lower fat.

– Started having hypoglycemia and increased anxiety along with it. Started feeling like I had to eat every 2 or 3 hours or would feel ill.

– Started waking up in the night around 3am-5am every single night feeling hungry and hypoglycemic. Had to eat or couldn’t go back to sleep. Would eat oatmeal (carbs) as my middle of the night snack.

– The waking up in the night continued for over a year. To this day that has not stopped. Cannot sleep even on Clonazepam and other medicines that cause drowsiness.

– Started having nausea at night, this would start around 3pm sometimes, sometimes 5pm. And just get worse. Had bad anxiety attacks and nausea all night long.

– Went to the ER and was given Ativan and an antacid. Even though I never experienced acid stomach, only nausea. Started taking Ativan and quickly got addicted. Then had the worst anxiety attacks ever as Ativan isn’t meant to be on for multiple days in a row. You can wikipedia it. It has a very short half-life and can stop being effective after just 7 days. You basically start having withdrawals after being on it for just a short time. The bad anxiety was from the withdrawals. I was able to taper off it by starting on clonazepam which I’m still on. Clonazepam has a longer life. (But I still want to taper off it as soon as I’m ready.)

Chronic nausea continued and I suffered a great deal over it. Finally was given a prescription called Promethazine (Phenergan) and it gave me much needed relief. Have been taking it almost every day since.

– Was diagnosed by blood test in Aug ’08 to have systemic candida. My suspicions were confirmed. (However, this same blood test showed negative for h.pylori antibodies.  Later learned that the blood test for h.pylori isn’t the most accurate way of testing it. Turned out I just didn’t have the antibodies…) Started following an anti-candida diet as closely as I could which included eating meat again, raising the amount of good fats, and good organic eggs, and veggies. (will post on anti-candida diet later). This helped and gave me some better days and nights for a while.

– Still had nausea off and on and still not able to sleep a full night.

– In June ’09 (almost a year later of having chronic nausea) by stool test (Metametrix DNA based) I was diagnosed as having a high amount of H.pylori. Bullseye. This explained the “morning sickness” a common symptom of h.pylori. The anti-candida diet alone was not going to take care of the h.pylori problem. Though I’m sure it was better than continuing the high carb (sugary) vegetarian diet which only fed candida and bacteria. And after a year of the anti-candida diet it didn’t make since that I was still so ill just from candida. The h.pylori was the ticker.

– Started a natural antibiotic regimen. Check my “What Worked” Post for that.

H. pylori is known to cause “morning sickness.” And of course candida can cause nausea too. Killing off organisms causes die-off which can also make you feel sick.

My brother- in- law told me the thing that helped his wife when she had morning sickness when she was pregnant was the vitamin B-6. Once she started taking it the nausea went away. But it has to be B-6 by itself, not B complex. You can take a B complex but you need to take additional B-6. So I started using it and it has seemed to help. B-6 helps with sugar metabolism which is interesting. I strongly felt that the nausea related to low blood sugar/hypoglycemia.

The number one thing that has helped me with nausea has been the prescription anti-nausea med, Promethazine (Phenergan). Wish I would have found it a long time ago! May be a drug but sometimes it’s absolutely needed. Bonus, it helps calm you down. It can knock you out actually, but I liked that side effect. * Not recommended for long-term use because this drug is also sometimes prescribed as an anti-psychotic and sleep aid, and like sleeping aids can become addictive and cause unwanted side effects including rebound insomnia, raised blood glucose, and more. Read the drug information on Promethazine before taking it.

Slippery Elm in powder form. It has to be the powder. Take a tablespoon or so mixed in a little tiny bit of hot water. It just be a paste-like consistency. Take this and it coats your throat and your entire digestive tract. Sometimes I have to take this before I can take anything else or eat anything else. In some countries they eat this as a food source so I don’t think it matters how much you consume. I’ve consumed lots and I don’t think it ever made me worse.

Eating organic eggs. Even if I had to plug my nose and eat them, I knew they’d always make me feel better. There is something about them that just works. It’s the combination of protein, fats, and nutrients. Sometimes just eating helps with die off. Sometimes white rice was all I could do, but at least it was something.

The Electrolyte drink: 8-16 oz purified water with 1/8 to 1/4 tsp celtic sea salt and juice of half lemon.

Taking 1000mg of vit C 3 times a day or more.

Clove tea. I used ground clove in powder and steeped it in tea filter bags. About 1/2 tsp in a tea bag or more. This also helped relax me for some reason.

Dry skin brushing. Get a natural bristle brush and brush in long slow strokes (not in circles) starting at your feet up your legs. Then up your arms from your hands. Then your buttocks and back. Over your shoulders and chest and towards your tummy. Do this morning and night before your shower is best.

Enemas. Get an enema bag and you can do coffee enemas or clove tea enemas or just clear water ones. I would do one every week.

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After an almost life-long battle with gastrointestinal problems including systemic candida, an h.pylori infection, food intolerances, emotional imbalances including a severe specific phobia, and other various symptoms, I'm finally to a point where I'm starting to sense a beginning to an end. Over the years I've tried numerous treatments, taken multiple tests, and tried all sorts of doctors and natural health practitioners, supplements, and prescription drugs. Along the way I somehow managed to complete training to become a Certified Hypnotist through the IMDHA, with the hopes of curing my phobia. Hopefully I can pass on some of the information I've acquired, personal experience, what has worked and not worked, and maybe help someone who is suffering along the way.

I will be focusing on the topics of Systemic Candida and the bacteria, H. pylori along with the different diets, supplements, medications, and other treatments that have given me relief from symptoms, including emotional and energy-based therapies.

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